FAQ’s For Merchants Moving Over To Magento 2

FAQ's For Merchants Moving Over To Magento 2

After making waves as the most acclaimed e-commerce platform, Magento came up with its new version Magento 2. The new version comes empowered with several advanced features and functionalities that make it ideal for creating online stores that deliver the most amazing shopping experiences. It is not a surprise that more and more merchants are opting for Magento 2 migration as a part of their growth strategy. Despite the unmatched benefits of the new version, there are still some doubts that they may come across while making this move. Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions in this context:

1.When should I upgrade from Magento 1 to 2?

Yes, the upgraded version is surely creating buzz but one does not need to upgrade in a hurry, particularly if the current store is working perfectly well. On the other hand, those facing serious performance issues with the older version of the software need to consider migration earlier. Seeing the advanced functionalities that it offers, the move is inevitable sooner or later depending on individual choice and situation.

2.What is the level of complexity involved in migrating from Magento 1 to 2?

Migrating from Magento 1 to 2 is definitely a lot different from 1.xxx upgrades. This is due to the structural and functional differences between the two platform versions which make it impossible to retain the look and feel of the online store. Additionally, the Magento 2 modules have to be developed from scratch rather than be upgraded.

3.Is the migration worth the effort?

The process is a complex one as it involves the transfer of all data related to products, orders, customers, as well as other content on the e-commerce store. A lot of effort has to be put in and there may be order downtime too. Additionally, one would need to hire certified magento developer to handle the transition. Before making the move, one has to compare the cost and time with the profits that would come after the upgrade.

4.What if I am planning to move from some other platform?

The biggest question for those planning to move from some other e-commerce platform is which version to adopt. Obviously, the new one is a better choice as it is more feature-rich and justifies the cost involved in making the move. Moreover, they would have to move to the newer version sooner or later.

5.In which cases is the switch not recommended?

The switch is not recommended for very small businesses with small turnovers as the expenses are not justified for them. The ultimate aim is to bring in more opportunities with increased conversions and revenues. In case the current platform is doing the job, there is no need to incur extra expenses on the transition even if the business is a booming one.
The advanced version gives stiff competition to its predecessor yet the latter continues to hold its dominance in the e-commerce domain. The transition is going to be a necessity for all merchants in the coming time. The timing of the move, however, depends upon the results that the business is getting with the current platform version. Whenever they plan to do so, there would be a need to collaborate with an experienced Magento development agency to make the process a smooth one.
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