Magento 2.2.2 Unleashes New Opportunities For E-Commerce


Over the years, Magento has emerged as one of the most widely acclaimed e-commerce platforms. Not only is the platform enriched with unmatched features, but also always striving for self-improvement and bringing advanced versions that are better than the previous ones. After the booming popularity that Magento 2 has achieved, now the latest version 2.2.2 is all set to revolutionize e-commerce. Available for both Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce, this version brings four new core features to revamp the default functionality of its predecessors. Let’s have a closer look to understand how these features are going to unleash new opportunities for e-commerce:

Instant Purchase: Like Amazon, this latest version has introduced the instant purchase feature that provides the shoppers the ‘Amazon-like’ single-click checkout experience. This feature is exclusively meant for the returning customers as Magento is able to store the key information such as credentials and shipping data and use it during the subsequent checkouts. The user only has to select the “Instant Purchase” button placed on the product page and he will be redirected to a confirmation page for placing the order without needing to enter the address, shipping, and payment details. The feature has been tested and it has been found that it is capable of reducing the checkout time by over 90%.
Advanced Reporting: Another improved feature that the 2.2.2 version offers is that of advanced reporting. It encompasses 20 reports along with a user-friendly interface and advanced visualization for the admin who gets three pre-configured dashboards, namely:

  • Orders which include the number of orders, AOV, revenue, taxes and shipping fees
  • Products which include quantity ordered and the best-seller products by volume and quantity ordered and the best-seller products by revenue
  • Customers which include unique customers, registered accounts, and key metrics by customer

This section not only offers daily updates but also can give insights for specified time-periods varying from one day to two years.
Magento Shipping: The 2.2.2 version offers a significant enhancement in the form of multi-carrier shipping and fulfillment capabilities. It enables the management of multiple shipping tasks from the admin without the need for third-party extensions. The following features are available as a part of this update:

  • Account registration with the leading shipping carriers across the globe
  • Customer-focused omnichannel experience
  • Fulfillment from multiple locations
  • Competitively priced shipping options available on the frontend
  • Advanced packing rules and shipment rating

These capabilities provide ease of shipping operations and increase the profitability of the business.
Email Marketing Automation: Magento 2.2.2 packs another substantial improvement in the form of email marketing automation. The feature can be used as an effective Magento marketing collateral as it enables sellers to set up email campaigns with minimum efforts. With this feature, they can avail advanced segmentation and personalization to create targeted email marketing campaigns without the need for third-party modules. This feature is extremely versatile as it supports SMS and push notifications in addition to email campaigns.
Seeing all these innovative features, it can be said that the 2.2.2 has a lot in store for e-commerce sellers. However, you would need to hire Magento 2 developers to move over to this version and avail all its advanced features. Magento India is a reputed Magento agency that offers a complete range of e-commerce services at one destination. Contact us for availing the latest platform upgrades and more.