Professional Magento Support Ensures That Your Website Is In Safe Hands

magento support

Magento is a widely used platform that powers up millions of e-commerce stores across the globe. The platform brings multi-functional tools in addition to remarkable assorted functionalities that make it ideal for creating and running online stores for businesses of all sizes. However, just having a Magento store for your business is not enough as you have to ensure that it is up and running all the time.
From time to time, e-commerce sellers may encounter technical glitches and performance issues that have to be resolved instantaneously as being unavailable can translate into a substantial loss for the business, both in terms of loss of sales and reputation. Hence, store owners realize that there is a need for a reliable support partner to look after their website post-development. Availing professional Magento support services is important as it keeps the e-store in safe hands in more than one ways.

Website Analysis and Audit
To begin with, support providers carry out a thorough analysis and audit of the store to review its code, extensions, functionalities, SEO, etc. This is done to find out any glitches, upgrade requirements, and performance-related issues.
Magento Speed Optimization
Based on the findings from the audits, the service providers work on optimizing the loading speed of the Magento website. They also ensure that the store performs effortlessly even during traffic peaks.
Migration and Upgrade
One major issue that stores have faced in the recent years relates to Magento 2 migration. With expert support services, they can avail smooth and seamless migration and upgrade to the latest platform versions.
Feature Enhancement
E-commerce stores may need to enhance their stores with additional functionalities to align them with growing needs and new trends. This is another service that support professionals can provide.
Security Fixing
The team offers the service of security fixing too as they stronghold the store against malicious attacks from virus and malware with effective measures such as security patch installations and bug fixes.
Architecture Advisory
The role of a support partner is not confined to troubleshooting but also includes architecture advisory for the store. Besides, these experts can also help merchants to choose the right hosting service.

Now that you know all about the significance of availing professional support services for your Magento store, the next question is about choosing the right partner. Reliability is perhaps the biggest consideration as you would need someone who is available constantly to help you whenever there is a need. Factors like expertise, experience, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility matter too.

Why Magento India makes an ideal support partner?
Magento India is a reputed Magento agency that extends a full range of services for designing, developing, customizing, marketing and maintaining Magento websites. We give you more than one reasons to consider us as an ideal support partner:

  • Full-scale expertise in Magento, with a team that is skilled and experienced with the entire aspects of the platform
  • Round-the-clock availability of experts who not only take care of ongoing maintenance but also provide emergency support when needed
  • Reliable communication via multiple channels such as phone, Skype, and email so that clients may get immediate response
  • Proactive attitude with the team always keen on evaluating issues and resolving them before they get bigger
  • Flexible payment packages for clients to hire experts on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis depending on their requirements

With Magento India as your support partner, running your e-commerce website becomes easier than ever. Get in touch with us to know more about our regular and tailor-made support packages.