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The rapidly growing eCommerce industry is gradually shifting to the smartphone world, as people nowadays prefer browsing the shopping stores on their mobile devices rather than visiting a shopping mall moving back and forth across the shelves holding a shopping trolley filled with multiple items. The leading retailers in the eCommerce or more precisely the m-commerce industry henceforth need to provide their customers with a secure, reliable, user-friendly, and flexible m-commerce platform, i.e. custom-made eCommerce mobile apps. Simultaneously, the worldwide business of smartphone apps development also sees significant opportunities to grow and reach the individuals out there.

Mentioned below are the categories of Magento mobile app development services in demand:

Magento E-commerce Applications E-commerce Applications

magento Business Applications Business Applications

magento Social Networking Applications Social Networking Applications

Magento Entertainment Applications Entertainment Applications

Travel Applications Travel Applications

Healthcare Applications Healthcare Applications

Utilities Applications Utilities Applications

Education Applications Education Applications

Lifestyle Applications Lifestyle Applications


Magento India is reliable and thus the most desired provider of web-based design and development services, viz. eCommerce website development, mobile responsive eCommerce stores development, and Magento mobile apps development for eCommerce stores. Businesses with us secure their remarkable presence in the Web world and can eventually expand their customer base by delivering the desired products and services to individuals with outstanding user experience. We integrate secure shopping environment and easy checkout facilities into the deliverables.

Drive Sales with Exclusive E-commerce/ Shopping App Features

The e-commerce market today is greatly influenced by the mobile way of shopping. Our e-commerce apps possess all the beneficial marketing strategies to provide the most engaging digital experience for your customers. Some of them are:

  • Push Notifications:

    Make push notifications as the part of your mobile strategy and keep your customers informed with timely offers and events even when the app is inactive or runs in the background.

    Magento App development
  • Store Locator:

    Adoption of GPS store locator in your Shopping apps enable the customers to find the nearest retailer & their business hours just by entering the city name/zip code or current location.

    Magento app
  • Daily deals:

    Facilitate your customers by offering daily deals to decide the pick of the day. Daily discount offers on dining, groceries, consumable goods, and so forth attracts them to make an immediate purchase.

    Magento App development
  • QR/Bar code:

    QR or the Bar code based shopping allows your customers to shop at varied locations from a single point. Further, it ensures the authenticity of the prices mentioned on the product label.

    E-commrec app development
  • Data driven:

    We create an app user interface which is well-tested, data-driven, and defined logically. This approach is bound to increase your conversion rate systematically as it boost sales.

    E-commrec app development
  • Coupons:

    Coupons provide consumer data, earns repeat customers. Coupons that are ought to be claimed in particular store helps to increase foot traffic, publicity via social media, and thus increase in sales.

    E-commrec app development
  • Order Tracking:

    The order tracking system provides peace of mind for the retailer and the clients as well. Customers would exactly know the time of dispatch and make arrangements to receive the order(s).

    E-commrec app development
  • Mobile SEO:

    We choose the mobile method to bring your site top in the search engine ranking, verify mobile-friendliness, optimize the site, avoid search engine penalties and thus bring in more converts.

    Magento Mobile app development

Our Magento mobile application services include:

At Magento India, we believe in delivering quality output and efficient service to our clients.

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