No More Checkout Abandonments; Incorporate ‘Guest Checkout’ Option Into Your E-store

one -page check-out magento
Shoppers nowadays prefer shopping on the move, holding a tablet or smartphone in hand and exploring the whole collection available in the online store. Well, this is the digital era and people today lack enough time to practically visit shopping malls to buy the products of even daily needs. Every time they feel bored, they switch to their smartphone and a brand new session of online shopping begins. However, not all of these sessions turn out to be long and productive. People often abandon their shopping cart before they make it through the checkout and go elsewhere. They probably have no interest in filling the long, annoying form on the way to the payment followed by the checkout.

What it takes to practically minimize the odds for shopping carts being abandoned and turn quick and short shopping sessions productive? Considering the long form filling process to cause the abandonment, introducing a guest checkout option really makes sense.

Take your example; while traveling to the office, you feeling bored and quickly decide to explore the latest collection of your favorite brand online. You find some really good items and add them to the cart to buy them all. Oh gosh! You see it requires you fill a form telling the merchant about you in detail. You abandon the cart and left before the checkout. One page checkout is quite productive and has its own benefits. All you have to do is add the items to your cart and proceed to checkout followed by providing your shipping details and the payment.

The ‘so-called’ the best, and the most preferred Magento eCommerce development platform features one-step checkout option for quick payment and checkout facility. Guest checkout Magento enables you explore the items, add them to cart, and then directly proceed to payment. Simply provide your shipping and/or billing address, and you are done. All you need to do is wait for them to be delivered at your shipping address.

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