Magento Private Sales / Flash Sales Extensions To Leverage Your Website with Modern Features

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Magento eCommerce development platform enables you add several Magento extensions to introduce new features into the website. One such extension is shopping cart that is a must have property for every online shopping site. Customers choose different products, add them to their shopping basket, and then proceed to checkout followed by the payment step. In the meantime, customers also perform several activities on the website. In fact, one might not order for each item he added to his basket. He could still discard one or more items before placing the order finally.

Private Sales and Flash Sales in Magento

Magento has several extensions that enhance the user experience by introducing amazing awesome features into the website. Magento Private Sales extension enables you create a VIP section for your valid customers. No guest user will have access to this area unless he belongs to the particular category of the private area. This extension enables you disallow the users having no activation code. The valid customers receive the activation code via an email to their registered email address. Once the code received, the customer can continue to create his account on the website.

In contrast, the Flash Sales Magento extension allows you flash discount on different products on the website. You can also create multiple campaigns and flash discounts. The following some key features of Flash Sales extension:

Create category-based campaigns and all the products under that will follow the rules

Use a picture that relates to your campaign and compliments the discount slider

Specify Campaign start date/time and end date/time

Display a countdown in the product sheet, enabling customers add products to their shopping basket when active.

Private Sales extension is the perfect choice if you are looking forward to creating a site with private sales. It benefits the site with all the modern and sophisticated features. It’s time to make the right choice.

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