Embrace Mobile First Approach For Your Magento Store


The revolutionary development in m-commerce has alerted the business persons to go mobile instantly. The possession of a mobile website or the app has become the detrimental factor for online identity and sales today. Magento, being the most used e-commerce platform obviously calls for the day’s trend as most of the B2B or B2C sales are made through websites powered by Magento.

Though the Google’s change in search algorithm stays as the influential factor to make oneself visible in the online market, the targeted audiences’ mode of shopping has basically created a shiver in the business persons to work out in gaining return of their hard earned investment. It is a fact that even though mobile users manage and shop on a desktop-centric website, there is every chance for them to leave the site without any successful transaction. The statistics reveal that a two third of online sales are done through mobile. Thus, it is crucial for the merchants today to have a quick shift in favor of the mobile mind-set customers.

A few tips mentioned here may help the Magento store owners to go mobile in a proficient way.

  • Use different phones and try buying something from your Magento website.
  • Analyse your potential customers way of engaging your site via social media and initiate campaigns.Have responsive websites instead of a separate one for mobile.
  • Access the website’s mobile usability expectations.
  • Be sensitive to interact with in-store shoppers.
  • Nevertheless to say, the future of the business depends on the ability to get the business reach a wide range of customers and going mobile is the absolute solution for it. Even though growth is the intention of all the businesses, the one who prepares himself for the growth excels in the field. And mobile first approach happens to be the preparatory phase for it.

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