Increase The E-mail Click Rates For Your Magento E-commerce Store


E-mail marketing campaign is one of the methods to increase sales and conversion rate through your Magento e-commerce website apart from various other promotional tools.
As e-mail marketing provides the prime opportunity for A/B Testing, it is important to employ it as one may definitely anticipate email click-through rate and thereby an increase in Return on investment [ROI].

However, the behaviour patterns of the e-mail recipients have dramatically changed because of the switch over to mobile usage from a desktop/laptop mode of shopping by the customers, which may force the Magento website owners to have a relook in their marketing strategy. Though there is an increase in the number of smartphone usage, many retailers complain that click rates are low.

The reasons behind it may not be highly professional, but certain things are to be validated from the shoppers point of view. Some of the reasons are as follows.

  • One may never be able to earn a commitment from an online shopper to surf the shop on his smartphone.
  • The website may have troublesome features for the shoppers to navigate.
  • The content may be stale or boring.
  • The e-mail may not be compelling.

A few of the defined ways to increase email click-through rate are discussed below.

  • Optimize your emails for mobile browsing.
  • The use of videos is an appreciable way to illustrate a product or the service. It may help to increase clicks, social shares, and thus build brand loyalty. The usage of a simple image with a play button that leads to the hosted page upon click could be sent through e-mail because an actual video reduces deliver ability.
  • Change the content of the e-mail frequently to attract visitors.
  • Write shorter e-mail content so that users will read it anyway.
  • Let the e-mail have links for social sharing.
  • Include elements of personalization.
  • Put a limit on your offers for instant sales.

These simple precautionary measures are likely to increase e-mail click rates for your Magento e-commerce store in a notion to increase sales deal.

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