The Winner of E-commerce is Magento


We have heard and read numerous articles, blogs, or the news which states that Magento has occupied 30 % market share value. Most of the business persons today prefer to develop their websites on Magento. We have personally experienced from several e-commerce websites which runs on Magento is purely a high responsive experience. This prompts even a non-tech person like me to investigate, ‘What exactly Magento is contributing towards this high rate of success online’?

Well, the answer lies in simple facts. The attributes such as open source technology, simplicity, and highly programmable or customizable platform clearly ensures that the winner of e-commerce is Magento in India and across the globe .

It is an open source technology which demands minimum hardware requirements. It runs on simple web server like Apache 2.x or the Nginx 1.7.x; LAMP or LNMP stack, at Linux configuration also. The softwares involve MySQL relational database management system, PHP programming language, and elements of the Zend Framework.

The modular approach, secure methodology to integrate with payment gateway, and back-end integration with analytics for targeted sales and communication have enhanced the popularity of this platform among the developers, business persons, and the shoppers alike.

On dissecting the Magento development in detail, we understand that the modular approach gives Magento the minimum e-commerce features. The advanced security features which can integrate with payment gateways gives the cutting edge for e-commerce portals. The mobile friendly, highly responsive, and ready to use templates makes Magento stand out from the crowd in mobile commerce.

Furthermore, Magento allows users to integrate several different domain names into a single control panel and manage more than one storefront at a time from the single admin panel. This allows large businesses to move smoothly with an efficient administration. The small vendors may get merged with big merchants to avail name, fame, and money at low investment cost.

Overall, Magento comes with the admin benefits, store owner facilities, developer’s ease, shoppers’ delight, e-commerce portal, benefits for sellers, resellers and support personnel. These cumulative factors has truly made Magento as the winner of e-commerce world.

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