A Global System Established For Order Management in Magento


Magento Commerce has recently released Commerce Order Management (COM) in order to help the retailers to manage their orders. The COM is made in the light of complete research based knowledge on consumer experience and process of individual orders.

The retailers may implement the COM at a faster rate as a modular or the fully integrated solution. It provides a seamless experience for the merchants with omnichannel fulfillment, inventory management, order management, payment, tax and fraud, and analytic capabilities. It manages the omnichannel operations with best experiences, satisfies the consumers and increases the revenue of the merchants.

The COM connects the information from supply and demand side channels, facilitate choices and optimize the profitability for each orders. It enables the retailers to manage the complex order processes, sell and complete the orders across the multiple channels and geographical location, which includes the stores, multiple warehouses, drop shippers or the third party logistics companies.

Furthermore, the solution helps the merchants to launch business and/or the brands exploiting the new market as it minimises the complexities involved in the expansion of the business for several regions. Moreover, the integration is quick, flexible and cost effective.

The available regional sites of the Magento could be integrated to a single cloud Commerce Order Management system. Thus, it provides a single system for all the essentialities such as processing the orders, managing payment complexities, tackling fraud and connecting the enlisted geographical locations across the globe.

Special features of the Magento Commerce Order Management:

1. It routes the orders to the appropriate location.
2. The store inventory is exposed to the online shoppers facilitating flexible options to select orders from the appropriate resources.
3. The inventory management and its transparency meets the expectations of the online shoppers in many ways
4. Enhanced customer satisfaction leads to more sales increasing the profit to the merchants.

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