The Best Features Of Magento 2 for A Successful E-commerce Business


Magento 2, the next generation e-commerce platform is successfully empowering the brands, retailers, and businesses across B2B and B2C industries by delivering engaging and omnichannel shopping experiences. The exclusive features of Magento 2 is cost-effective and quick ensuring optimal marketing and analytical techniques. As it supports only one Javascript framework – jQuery, there exists no conflict in JavaScript usage. Moreover, it has PHP coding compliancy.

The important features which has made it as a successful platform for e-commerce web portal development are as follows.

Database: Magento 2.0 Enterprise facilitates to possess separate databases for content and checkout page. One may use MySQL database for content, product and category pages. This helps in scaling without caching issues. Use of separate database for checkout process gives a better performance, and ensures optimal speed of the site for the people who don’t purchase but are browsing, and also for the people who are trying to checkout.

Theme development: As it has plain background, it is easy to add specific themes that suits a particular business value.

Migration made easy: Magento 2.0 migration is easier through its tool. It is easy to migrate attributes, logs, settings of shops, customers, orders, EAV, catalogues and categories etc.

Easy back-up: Magento 2.0 handy command tools ensures safety and synchrony of the data. It’s rollback feature keeps the website in ‘maintenance mode’ and reverts back to normalcy once the system is restored.

Component oriented architecture: The website is too flexible as one may enable and disable the modules as per the need. When the system is upgraded, the core files and modules are automatically updated.

Three mode availability: It is available in three modes namely, developer (used for static file creation, error reporting), production (web experience) and default (limited use) mode.

Admin panel features: The use tools, data grid, drag and drop reordering, and, etc., are easy to comprehend and thus the retailer may manage the operations without hurdles.

Owing to all these special features, the Magento 2.0 has elevated the user experience to the shopper and e-purchasing has become hassle free now.

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