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The small business owners have recognised the Internet, its benefits and have started going online or will be so in the next two years. However, there are some people who still feel that they dont need a website because their business is too small. Small business means which has five or less than five employees and less than hundred customers.

However, the survey reports show that small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that went online realized an increase in their business by more than ten percent. Going online does not alone suffice the needs, but a complete marketing campaign to draw search engine traffic is the rule.

Moving further, if we closely watch the SMEs online, the financial services, pharmacy, Health care, hospitality, education and a few segments are IT favorable. It is the professional services that have derived benefits, whereas other sectors are still trailing behind. Another welcoming movement is that, most of the online SMEs are getting into e-commerce.

We shall discuss a little more about what to do after going online for e-commerce business.

Getting discovered on search engine: The SMEs must know their products and value proposition, have right content, and make themselves visible online. They need to seek professional help for online marketing strategies and succeed easily.

Utilization of Social media: Web presence today is solely dependent on social media today. One has to derive benefits by utilizing it the right way for e-commerce business. Identification of keywords that attracts the business and spending money for it is a low yet worthy investment.

Use of right tools: SMEs may adopt e-mail marketing, ad campaign, page per click (PPC), coupon/gift offers, and more. They must have the customers contact list, have a research on prospective customers and send or offer personalised messages.

Hire marketing resources and possess the right partners: Manpower is the biggest resource. It is better to have a right partner and hire personnels for Internet so that small businesses are launched quickly at smaller budget.

Owning an E-commerce website is the go to handle business and grow in the competitive era today.

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