What benefits Augmented Reality can offer to the Magento 2 Website?

We all very well know about the augmented reality(AR) technology, and how it has impacted various industries ranging from Video Games to Virtual Maps. Many people feel it is designed particularly for these fields only and is only a source of entertainment. But, when we research it a bit deeper, it has been observed that it is a great tool for the E-commerce website. Augmented Reality has the functionality to bring real-world and 3D models closer to each other. Magento is a perfect CMS for E-commerce websites and many brands outsource Magento development company to integrate AR for innovative results.

Augmented Reality can offer to the Magento 2 Website

The reason behind AR integrated E-commerce website success is the end-users support. According to a study, over 40% of the people are ready to buy a product from an online store that is integrated with AR. In addition, over 60% of the customers switch to websites that provide AR features over their competitors. Implementing AR to Magento website design offers a great user experience that is always considered as a difficult job to perform. This great experience helps buyers to interact with the products and services in a very systematic manner. Interestingly, more and more brands are moving to AR platforms for the desired business results.

So What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality

In AR, images are layered over reality, users can explore the real world around them. They can see the images over the top of their actual surroundings. In short it AR bridges the gap between reality & virtual reality. The benefit of this remarkable technology is that users can perform activities depending on the current location.

Here are a few major reasons that show why AR is best for the E-commerce industry:

1. Better Product Visualization
AR technology allows buyers to view products as 3D models due to this feature it is in high demand in the E-commerce industry. These 3D models are merged with real-life backgrounds to get a unique experience of the product. Suppose a customer is searching for furniture, he/she will prefer to check how it appears at its location as they are unsure of the dimensions. Thankfully, if the E-commerce website offers an AR gallery where all products are present, buyers will be able to experience a real-life picture of the product placed on different backgrounds to make a selection. This amazing experience allows buyers to be confident with their purchases. One essential thing to keep in mind is that you will need Magento 2 development company support to integrate AR services with your E-commerce website.

2. Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive
Integrating Mobile devices with AR has completely changed the E-commerce industry look & feel. People love using mobile phones to explore E-commerce websites and it is the biggest source of getting traffic. Mobile phones have great cameras and high processing power to ensure AR-based websites operate in the right manner. Brands looking to engage users design an E-commerce website equipped with a high-quality AR experience. Customers will be able to experience products in real-time, this gives them a perfect picture of the product. Given the competitiveness of the E-commerce industry, only the best with the unique offerings will survive.

3. Reduce Post-Purchase Risk
Several times a situation appears when the customers feel dissatisfied with their product buying decision. E-commerce brands must assure their customers that the product quality is of a high standard and they will receive the same product appearing when ordered. Not every online store is genuine with their claims. A number of online retailers sell fake products or low-quality products to buyers. With 2D images, a buyer gets confused regarding the product, and ultimately the customer satisfaction hampers. This can be addressed with the implementation of AR, through which a detailed 3D image of the product is generated to leave no space for the error. This helps brands to grow customer base and retain the existing ones. Retention is very important in the E-commerce industry. The first impression is another big factor why AR has an important role to play. If you own an E-commerce website having an old version of Magento CMS, simply go for the Magento upgrade for optimized store performance.

4. More Options- Less Time
Another additional benefit that comes with AR is the fact that customers can try plenty of products, straight from the comfort of their homes. This will give them new options to try, which in turn will lead to more sales. For instance, you are running an online store selling wearables, integrated with AR that works for most of the products. A customer who is browsing the website can try out more options through this service, without having to spend extra time. This feature is a crucial factor offering an edge over brick and mortar stores. In addition, you get to explore what you like independently, without other buyers exploring the same products you want. Given the importance of speed and availability, while shopping, AR is definitely a way ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Augmented Reality Shopping?
Augmented reality (AR) has the potential to revolutionize the E-commerce shopping by bringing products to life in front of you by implementing 3D models that you can size up, check from all angles, and even place in the environment around you.

Does Augmented Reality increase sales?
Augmented reality in E-commerce has huge potential to increase sales, while more than 50% of smartphone owners use it when shopping. Implementing AR in an E-commerce website help to grow sales as a buyer has the option to explore the product in 3D and in a more detailed manner.

Why is it called Augmented Reality?
The word augments means to add or improve something. In the case of Augmented Reality, graphics, sounds, and touch feedback are added into the real world to create an enhanced user experience.

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AR has completely transformed the way people buy products. It is a trending technology that was earlier used for the video games and entertainment world. But from the last few years, it has made a huge impact in the E-commerce industry and is in high demand these days. Brands integrating AR into their online selling platform are experiencing higher ROI, sales and user-engagement. If you are looking for optimized results for your website, this is the best time to go for AR technology. Make sure to consult with an experienced E-commerce development company, MagentoIndia is a reliable & have all the resources to provide solutions regarding E-commerce website. Share your business requirements to get the best solutions for your E-commerce website.

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