Proven Measures To Get 2X Magento Ecommerce Sales This Holiday Season

The holiday season is in full swing and buyers are in the festive mood. This is the opportunity that sellers wait for throughout the entire year. Whether it is shopping malls or e-commerce stores, now is the time to capitalize on the opportunity and make booming sales. The challenge for e-commerce sellers is great because the competition in this domain is growing. Moreover, you may struggle with delivering the shopping experiences that are good enough to convert. So if you are running a Magento store, now is the time to gear up for the sale season. Your Magento e-commerce development agency can guide you in this context but it is always good to be aware so that you can take the right approach. Here are some proven measures that you can follow to double the sale of your Magento e-commerce store this holiday season.

Proven Measures To Get 2X Magento Ecommerce Sales This Holiday Season

Invest in the right look and feel
To start with, you need to make your store appear festive in look and feel. Invest in a banner that replicates the spirit of the holiday season. Adding a greeting in a popup is another great idea when it comes to giving it a celebratory vibe. While a design makeover is important, you should also invest in some holiday-themed content. You can showcase the special launches and holiday offers that you want to highlight on the site.

Scale and optimize
While your website should look and feel festive, you cannot expect to get booming sales unless it delivers excellent performance. Since you will probably witness traffic booms during these days, staying on top with Magento optimization is the key. Ensure that the site loads at a lightning-fast speed and is scalable enough to render seamlessly even during peak traffic periods. Even a few glitches or little downtime is the last thing you would want to face during the holidays.

Prioritize mobile UX
As holiday shoppers prefer to buy via mobile devices, you need to pay extra attention to mobile UX at this time of the year (though you must do it always). A positive mobile UX means having a store that is easy to navigate and renders seamlessly regardless of the device used to access it. Choosing a responsive theme is mandatory and so is ensuring consistency across devices. Have clear CTA buttons and avoid popups because the latter can irritate the users.

Test the checkout process
Another measure that you must include in your holiday preparation strategy is to test the checkout process. There are chances that you may miss out on sales if the checkout experience is glitched or does not have the payment methods that are preferred by the target audience. Identify the ones they would want and integrate every Magento payment gateway which is missing, well before the holiday season sets in.

Give them good reasons to choose your
The competition in the e-commerce domain is huge and you need to go the extra mile with your offerings to entice the buyers to choose you above the others. Offer special deals and discounts for the festive season. Showcase these offers on the website and across social media so that they are visible everywhere. At the same time, aspire to give the most amazing products and services as well. Besides discounted deals, you can also engage the potential buyers with free shipping and goodies on every purchase.

Integrate Live ChatIntegrate Live ChatThe Live Chat feature definitely adds value to the e-commerce experiences on your website. It shows an intention to go the extra mile to serve your customers, which fosters trust and a sense of belonging for the brand. If you don’t have this feature on your store, avail Magento e-commerce development services to get it integrated into your store right now. This feature will add a human touch to the interactions and also have a support system available for the shoppers when they have a query or complaint.

Seek inspiration from competitors
Conduct extensive competitive research to check exactly what others are doing in your niche and how the strategy they are implementing to maximize the holiday spending on their website. Get inspired (but don’t copy) with their content, design, and offers. Since price is a key driver of the purchase decisions, you need to ensure that your price and product overall value better than that of the competitors. This is important because shoppers have ample time to compare products and brands during the holidays and they will settle for the most lucrative deal only.

Target with a personalized approach
Personalized targeting is the key to a winning holiday sales strategy for your Magento store. While you should try every way to get in new customers, follow the existing ones with personalized emailers and messaging. Keep a close watch on their online activity and identify their demographics, preferences, and shopping history. This data can help you create personalized offers that are most likely to drive conversions.

Be active on social mediaBe active on social mediaA tactic that you should adopt well in advance is being active on social media a few weeks ahead of the festive season and all through its end. This is the time when people are more willing to shop and look for deals everywhere. Showcasing your offers on social media surely helps and you must have a holiday calendar ready to stay connected with the customers. Entice them with contests and giveaways as well.

Create urgency with flash sales
Having flash sales in your Magento store through the festive season is a good idea as they create a sense of urgency in the shoppers. They feel like completing their shopping while they get amazing deals. Flash sales are ideal for engagement, particularly if the promotions are well planned. The potential customers will probably keep themselves updated on these sales.

What are the basics of Magento speed optimization?
The poor loading speed of your Magento store can translate into lost customers. So you must ensure that it does not lack on this front. Here are the Magento speed optimization basics that you should follow:

• Inspect every third-party extension installed
• Run the latest version of Magento
• Choose the fastest hosting service
• Enable flat catalog
• Image optimization
• Enable Full Page Cache
• Enable CSS/JS minification

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How can you optimize your Magento store for mobile?
Optimizing your Magento store for mobile is the key to reaching out to the mobile audience. Here are some tips to do it.

• Invest in a responsive and appealing design
• Prioritize website speed
• Have a user-friendly navigation
• Optimize images and videos
• Have a seamless checkout process
• Reduce heavy content
• Eliminate irritating ads and popups

Why do you need to scale your Magento store during the holidays?
Holiday seasons are often associated with heavy traffic to e-commerce websites. High traffic is good news but it can also lead to performance glitches and even crashes. This is something you cannot risk at this juncture (or any time) because you end up losing your customers or even reputation. So you must absolutely scale your Magento store as a part of your holiday preparations.

What is personalized targeting in e-commerce?
Personalized targeting in e-commerce is the practice used by online retailers for creating personal interactions and experiences for their customers. It involves showing content, media, or product recommendations dynamically to the potential buyers based on their purchase history data, browsing behavior, demographics, and psychographics.

What are the giveaways you can use to entice customers during holiday sales?
Selling your products during the festive season may sound easy because they are in a festive mood. However, the challenge actually gets tougher because of the massive competition in the market. The best way to entice buyers is to come up with special deals and offers. Other unique giveaways include early bird offers, loyalty discounts, free shipping, and contests.

Considering these measures, you need to do a lot of work to get your Magento store ready for the holidays. It is best to collaborate with professionals who specialize in Magento e-commerce development so that they can gauge your needs and create a strategy to match. Magento India is a name you can trust to create exceptional e-commerce stores and make them holiday-ready as well. Whether you are looking for Magento 2 development, design, speed optimization, migration, upgrade, or maintenance and support, we can help. Share your requirements with us and we will make sure that you get 2X sales during the festive season.

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