What Makes Magento 2 The Best Ecommerce Platform In 2020

The first thing that you need to consider while building an e-commerce store for your online business is the choice of the right development platform. Even if you already have a store up and running, you may still want to reconsider the platform choice at any point in time. The idea is to leverage one that has the potential for creating a perfect store for customer interaction, whether it is about developing from scratch or migrating to a better platform. Without any doubt, Magento 2 development comes ahead as a great choice for businesses that are investing in first-time development. At the same time, migration to this version is also a smart decision. Let us list the reasons why this version is recommended for e-commerce businesses in 2020.What Makes Magento 2 The Best Ecommerce Platform In 2020Open-Source
First things first, Magento is an open-source platform that is available for free. The Community Edition (CE) makes an excellent choice for startups and small business owners as they look for solutions that fit easily into their budget. So developers can easily build feature-rich web stores and customize them by installing standard modules or developing custom ones. They even have access to a huge library of modules which gives them multiple options. You can hire Magento 2 developers to create the right store matching your requirements and objectives.

Large Community
Another reason why Magento 2 is extensively popular as an e-commerce development platform is that it has the support of a huge community of Magento experts. While this was the case with the platform itself, the community extends to this version as well. Even when a developer is stuck in the middle of development or the business owner faces an issue with the Magento store, getting help is easy. You can count on the community to answer your queries and address your concerns.

Excellent Performance
If you are still considering a switch to Magento 2, you should do it sooner rather than later because of the excellent performance it renders. It is easy to build user-friendly stores with this version which offers 20% more speed as compared to its predecessor. This metric is vital because it has a far-reaching impact on the shopping experience that the store provides to the customers. At the same time, a good loading speed benefits the store from the SEO perspective, which means that it has better chances of ranking higher and being visible online.

Amazing Responsiveness
A responsive e-commerce store is a plus point because it connects you with the customers across the mobile selling channel. Magento 2 promises amazing responsiveness, which is another reason why you must absolutely switch to it in 2020. The platform supports HTML5, which you can leverage to render exceptional shopping experiences regardless of the device that the visitors use to access your store. If a responsive website is not enough, you may also hire the services of a professional eCommerce app development company to create a mobile app corresponding to the store. In any case, Magento 2 is great in terms of responsiveness.

Advanced Personalization
With the advancement in the version, there are more options in terms of personalization. It is possible to track shoppers’ behavior, preferences, and browsing history. Once you know these metrics, you can provide the customers with highly personalized experiences which obviously improve the chances of conversion. Personalization can be in the form of contextual offers, product recommendations, and marketing incentives of all types.

Robust Security
Magento 2 also brings robust security on the plate because of the important changes in the structure of directories in the source. The previous version of the platform comprised nine folders in the root, while the number if reduced to only five with Magento 2. Further, it has also eliminated the skin folder from the root directory. This new structure makes Magento 2 more secure than the predecessors, which means that stealing or hacking the code directly from the root folder is almost impossible.

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Unmatched Flexibility
The version has a component-based structure of modules, which gives it the potential for unmatched flexibility. With these flexible modules, developers have the freedom to enable or disable the exact components they want. A flexible structure is always an advantage for e-commerce businesses as scaling for growth is an integral part of their evolution. So you have several Magento extensions and modules that you can depend on for adding new functionalities in the future as your business grows.

Above all, End of Life for Magento 1!
Beyond the features and benefits that Magento 2 offers, there is another big (and perhaps the most valid) reason why you should choose it in 2020. This is because the End of Life of the preceding version is drawing close, in June 2020 to be more specific. Magento has already announced that they will support versions 1.5-1.9 of the open-source version till the end of June this year. The date marks the end of life for these versions because the platform will not provide security patches and further quality fixes after this date. If you are operating a store on one of these versions, you should opt for an upgrade sooner rather than later. For those looking to develop a store from scratch this year, Magento 2 development is the best choice.

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Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQWhat are Magento versions?
Magento is a popular e-commerce platform that comes in two editions- the open-source Magento Community edition and the premium Magento Enterprise edition. It also comes with frequent version releases. Magento 2.3.2, the latest version of Magento 2 was released in June 2019.

Why should you opt for the latest Magento version for your e-commerce store?
A newer version definitely has something better to offer as compared to an older one. So upgrading to the latest Magento version for your e-commerce store makes sense. In case you are still running an older version, you may experience problems with extensions and also will not be able to avail of the new themes and extensions. An upgrade, therefore, is the best thing to do.

Is Magento 1 still supported?
Magento has announced officially on their blog that they will not support the Magento 1.x platform after June 2020. Stores that are running on this version should gear up and make an upgrade before this deadline.

What all goes into Magento migration?
Magento migration or upgrade is a complex process as it involves much work. The steps essentially include the migration of themes, extensions, code, and data. While doing so, you must ensure that there is no disruption in your store’s performance. So you must seek the services of a Magento expert to help you make the move.

Considering the advanced features and benefits that Magento 2 offers, it definitely comes ahead as a great choice for online merchants. At the same time, an upgrade does not remain a choice because of the EOL aspect. The best approach at the start of the year would be to collaborate with a Magento development company that can help you with development using the new version or upgrade, depending on the circumstances. Magento India is a name you can trust for delivering the complete range of Magento services. Contact us right now and we will help you get ready for Magento 1 EOL!

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