Tips For Taking Your Ecommerce Business A Notch Higher In 2020

Ecommerce is a domain of opportunities, with even small enterprises and startups getting the chance of becoming booming brands within the shortest time span. At the same time, the competition in this landscape is daunting because you may have to beat hundreds of competitors with similar offerings. Moreover, the sky-high expectations of the customers is another reason why you cannot afford to go slack with the experiences you offer. First things first, you need to choose the right platform to ensure that your eCommerce store has all the features that any potential customer would look for.Tips For Taking Your Ecommerce Business A Notch Higher In 2020Magento definitely takes the cake because you can rely on it for handling each part of an e-commerce operation. Whether it is about the customer-facing functions on the front end or fulfillment and inventory management processes on the back end, this platform has you covered. But before you avail Magento development services for a new store or upgrade an existing one, you need to have a clear idea about what you can do to stand apart. The idea is to impress the customer in every possible way and Magento lets you do that. Here are some surefire ways to get the best value from the platform and take your store and business to the next level.

Personalization wins the game
Winning the eCommerce game is all about engaging your customers and establishing lasting connections with them. They are likely to be loyal to the brands that make genuine efforts to understand their customers with a full view of their demographics, shopping preferences and habits. Personalized experiences make this possible as they let you target the right customer with the right content and marketing message. Obviously, the potential buyer is more likely to convert if you show them a recommendation or provide an offer that matches their preferences.

Fortunately, Magento empowers you with specialized extensions for creating such experiences. You can explore the Magento marketplace to find the ones which match your requirements and customer expectations. You can get them integrated into your e-commerce store for creating compelling shopping experiences that are tailored to win the loyalty of the customers with above-par shopping experiences.

Mobile-first makes a big difference
E-commerce selling has witnessed a major shift to mobile devices as consumers prefer easy, on-the-go shopping. Providing a mobile-friendly experience, therefore, becomes mandatory is you want to take your business on the growth route. Essentially, you need to invest in a fully responsive web design that renders seamlessly across all types of devices. Additionally, shoppers expect app-like experiences with a modern mobile interface and advanced features.

Once again, Magento makes it possible for online stores to excel in this aspect as well. Mobile-first initiatives are completely possible with Magento 2 development because it is a fully responsive platform. Further, you can opt for a Magento 2 Progressive Web App (PWA) to go a step further with the mobile-first approach. PWAs are easier to maintain as compared to mobile apps, making them accessible to small businesses that don’t have the resources for the development of a full-featured mobile app.

Online stores need to be more intelligent
Another measure that you can take to drive efficiency in your online store is by making it more intelligent. This is possible with the integration of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into the store for enhancing its functionality. Marketers can leverage them to gather troves of data about the customers, but this is just half the work done. The real benefit can be derived by utilizing the available information together with intelligence commerce to craft better experiences.

You can collaborate with a professional Magento development company to access these innovations and use them to gain a stronger footing for competing with bigger rivals. Even though supplementing data-driven e-commerce initiatives with artificial intelligence needs considerable investment, it is still worthwhile considering the benefits it can bring for your store.

Fast and easy checkout is a differentiator
You may have the most amazing e-commerce store with the latest features for engaging the shoppers, but still, struggle with an abandoned shopping cart. If you want to cut down on abandonment rates, it becomes important to harness as much data as you can to figure out when, why, and where across the checkout shoppers fail to follow through with a purchase process.

For instance, you can assume that the user was overwhelmed by something when a session appears to end abruptly during a typical checkout journey. This could be due to unexpected shipping costs, delayed delivery, or some other reason. Accordingly, you can make the desired changes in your Magento store’s checkout to resolve the concern and ensure that the abandonment rate is reduced to the minimum in the future.

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Invest in backend integration
A key aspect of improving the front-end operations for your Magento store is connecting them seamlessly with back-end support. This helps to manage customer expectations and increase the likelihood of their satisfaction with the final purchase. Improved customer satisfaction translates into greater loyalty and a decrease in the chances of product returns in the long run.

Better inventory visibility, as a part of backend integration, lets customers at the physical stores to check the availability of specific items and helps them decide whether to visit another location or to order the products online for doorstep delivery. Greater transparency also enables online retailers to determine the warehouses that can provide the quickest and cost-effective distribution.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQWhat is personalization in e-commerce?
Personalization refers to a one-to-one marketing strategy that is implemented by leveraging customer data analysis and digital technologies to deliver individualized marketing messages and product offerings to the existing or prospective customers of the business.

What is a mobile-first approach?
The mobile-first approach encompasses designing an e-commerce store for running on devices with the smallest screen and gradually working your way up. It involves the creation of a responsive or adaptive design so that users have comparable experiences across all devices.

How is AI used in e-commerce?
AI is a technology that has the potential for transforming online shopping experiences. Here are some ways it is used in e-commerce:
• Recommendation of products and offers according to customer preference
• Personalization of the content on the online store
• Dynamic pricing in e-commerce
• Chatbots for personalized conversations
• Improving the quality of searches with Machine Learning
• Image processing
• A/B tests using AI

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What are the steps of a smooth e-commerce checkout process?
A smooth e-commerce checkout process can be designed with the following factors in mind:
• Limiting the number of checkout steps
• Reducing the number of fields in the form
• Enabling guest checkout
• Implementing cross-selling and up-selling
• Ensuring mobile-friendly checkout
• Offering multiple payment options
• Providing round-the-clock support

Looking ahead!!
Following these tips for improving your Magento store’s efficiency and functionality can open new opportunities for your business ahead. However, implementing them is easier said than done because it requires merchants to take a holistic approach to eCommerce. The objective is to achieve an equilibrium between front-end operations and back-end functions to enhance customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

But this is not something you can do all by yourself. You need a Magento partner who extends platform expertise along with rich experience. Also, collaborating with a provider that offers reliable Magento support gives you all the confidence you need through this journey of innovation. Magento India is a name you can trust for taking your business to the next level.

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