Magento Hosting Facts That Every Ecommerce Merchant Must Know

Magento is an e-commerce platform that requires a powerful infrastructure to operate seamlessly. You may have the best looking store with the most amazing functionality but flawed user experiences can damage your business exponentially. A good hosting environment is, therefore, something you cannot overlook when it comes to rendering seamlessly and handling a huge number of clients as well. To ensure that you get profits and positive results with your store, you will need to collaborate with a reliable Magento cloud hosting provider. But before you onboard a provider you can trust, there are some hosting facts that you should be aware of. Here are a few frequently asked questions that cover these facts from start to end.

Magento Hosting Facts That Every E-commerce Merchant Must Know

What are the hosting-related challenges that Magento merchants may encounter?
There are some hosting-specific issues that storeowners may encounter despite having invested in professional Magento eCommerce development. The fault, in such cases, does not lie with the developers’ work but with the wrong selection of the hosting provider. Here are the challenges that you may encounter in such a situation:

  • Hosting providers allow only a limited storage space for hosting your Magento store and you absolutely have to adhere to this limit. Once you reach the limit, you will need to pay extra bucks for additional storage.
  • Slow performance is another reason why you may need to consider the choice of hosting service. According to Google, any site that requires more than three seconds to load is considered as slow. While it lags in terms of user experience, you can lose your ranking as well.
  • If your Magento store faces a sudden traffic spike and the host server is unable to handle it, it may face downtime and customers will bounce back. Lack of scalability is another grave concern when it comes to choosing the hosting service for the store.
  • Server Management is another challenge that you cannot overlook. Unless the provider gives managed hosting services, you will have to manage all the server related tasks on your own. This is time-consuming and requires professional skills, which may lead to a loss of focus on growth-critical tasks.

What are the factors to consider while choosing a hosting provider for your Magento store?
Merchants often invest a great deal of effort into developing an online store with the most amazing look and feel. You may have the best Magento designers and developers for the job but everything boils down to the hosting services you choose. Here are a few factors that you should bear in mind while choosing a provider.

Understand your requirements
Every business has requirements that are unique to them. So choosing your Magento hosting starts with knowing the actual requirements of your site. The following are the aspects to consider:

  • How much traffic does your site need to deal with? Are there any spikes of traffic that you expect to face?
  • Do you have just a few products on the store or is there a huge catalog to showcase? Are there a lot of images, videos, and product data on the store?
  • Which location does your traffic come from? You may want to pick a server location accordingly.

Understanding these vital aspects is the first step to choose the right provider.

Managed or unmanaged hosting
Next comes the choice of the hosting service model. Managed hosting is a service model that offers your business a dedicated cloud server. The provider is also responsible for handling, and administration of the service. Further, they will ensure security monitoring and issue resolution as well. Basically, you get full-performance capabilities and can focus on running your business successfully. With the unmanaged hosting model, you get a raw server from the hosting company and will need to install the required software and update it from time to time. This one may cause a problem if you are not qualified to handle issues. Managed hosting costs a few dollars more that the latter option but definitely reduces your stress.

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Consider hosting security
One of the factors that you cannot ignore is the all-round web security because it matters the most for e-commerce businesses. This is because online buyers share their personal and financial data with you and keeping it safe is your responsibility. Considers aspects such as access to SSL encryption, blocking of spammy sites, strong firewalls, regular security patching and upgrades, periodic backups, and round the clock server monitoring. These aspects are critical because any security incident with your Magento store can cause a loss of customers and worse, your business reputation as well.

Scalability is crucial
Every business aspires for growth and wants to take advantage of any opportunities that are available. The Magento host you choose should be capable of handling the growth of your traffic and business in the future, besides its current demands. This includes the traffic growth and surges, increases in products on offer, and future plans for venturing into the international markets. Scalability, therefore, should be on top of your checklist while you collaborate with a hosting provider.

Support keeps you going
Besides the technical aspects of the choice of best-hosting provider, you should also pay attention to the quality of support. Any downtime for your Magento store can result in lost sales and returning customers, which is the last thing you would want to happen. This may happen at any time of the day or night, so a speedy resolution is what you would need. Ensure that the provider you choose gives 24/7 technical support. You will also want them to have experts for handling your support requirements as and when you need them.

Considering all that you need to verify before finalizing a hosting partner, it seems like a lot of work. Moreover, a wrong decision can get you in a fix. For this reason, you should settle only for the best provider that is reliable enough and meets all the criteria. Magento India is a leading Magento development company that offers a complete range of services, from design to development, Magento upgrade, hosting, and more. You can collaborate with us and rest assured that our hosting service will keep your store up and running all the time.

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