How to Improve Ecommerce Checkout to Improve Conversion Rate?

Ecommerce Checkout page optimization is an important area that is frequently overlooked by retailers. Instead, many store owners focus on optimizing the website front end like creating beautiful designs, site experiences and product catalog to engage customers to make a purchase. This approach is important as this is the first impression of the business, and your first opportunity to retain them on the Magento Ecommerce store for longer.

Improve E-commerce Checkout to Improve Conversion Rate

But when it comes to buying, the checkout step is the most important element of the website including CTA buttons, page specifications, and other factors.

This is the time when you lose potential customers and is a major reason why 7 out of 10 shopping carts are abandoned. It is more than 20+ years of eCommerce, consumers are still concerned about sharing sensitive information including credit card details unless the retailer assures it is trustworthy, secure, and worthy of the sale. There are several ways to increase buyer trust at the checkout page. You can hire Magento developers to integrate the best ways to reduce abandoned carts on the product page, and at checkout.

Tips to improve E-commerce Checkout
We’ve compiled some of the best strategies for improving your eCommerce checkout to boost conversions and gain more revenue. Integrate each on your store and see the impact they have on the conversions.

1. Mobile-Friendly Website
The eCommerce checkout page design should be made mobile-friendly. When designing & developing your website layout and integrating call-to-actions, check that the design is completely responsive.

Why it’s essential: Over 60% of online buying is done with mobile devices. If you fail to optimize for mobile, your store will definitely miss a large number of customers.

2. Guest Checkout
While it’s important to engage recurring customers and boost retention, you can’t ignore one-time buyers. Make sure the guest checkout is provided so that visitors can easily buy without making any registration. Provide one-time buyers the facility of entering their email and continue buying.

Why it’s essential: Not all shoppers are interested in sharing their details for a service, despite having benefits in making a one-time payment. You always look to ease the buying process, instead of creating an obstacle for people. These one-time buyers can be reached out to after the sale as well.

3. Clean & Crisp Design
You put a lot of effort and capital to engage customers as well as drive them to the payment stage. Once you have gain buyer confidence, you should do everything to drive them towards converting. Eliminate any additional distractions, including the header and footer, additional products to purchase, menu buttons, or anything else that will change the customer’s mind from completing their purchase. You can reach Magento design services for engaging & alluring website layout.

Why it’s essential: A simple & sober design keeps customers on track and gives them no reason to leave.

4. Don’t Force for Information
Stick to the basics only and gather the data you absolutely need from the customer to remove any useless steps and streamline the process. If you can, just look for the email, as it is the only important information required to market new products and share new notifications.

Why it’s essential: Added steps make the customer frustrated, making the experience less personalized. Customers are also concerned about sharing personal information. Always remove any unnecessary steps and only ask for essential information.

5. Secure & Multiple Payment
Customers can experience confusion and dissatisfaction when they learn that the final price differs at the final checkout stages from what they expected. In this situation, honesty is the best policy, thus come clean with the taxes & shipping charges at the product page. Also, integrate multiple payment and shipping options to meet the needs and preferences of customers. Try to take the guidance from Magento 2 Development Company for integrating the latest security features like 2FA & encryption. To stay competitive free shipping is the best option, and it will significantly reduce cart abandonment rate.

Why it’s essential: Customers are highly specific about using the payment method they prefer. While several choose the best option present, some will only pay from their desired method.

So, these are some of the most prominent and simple tips to improve the checkout steps. Following them will definitely improve the store conversion rate & sales.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What checkout abandonment is and why it matters to you?
Creating the eCommerce checkout for customers is important for developing a great customer experience for a higher conversion rate. Checkout abandonment is when customers skip the payment process. This represents lost revenue, as a lot of investment is done on marketing, operational, and development to get customers. It is always important to reduce the checkout abandonment rate.

2. Why customers abandon the checkout?
The truth is there are a number of different reasons behind checkout abandonment. However, there are common reasons for abandoning payment.

• Forced account creation
• Surprise costs and charges
• Complex, burdensome process
• Concerns over security
• Lack of available payment methods
• Limited shipping options and methods
• Performance issues and errors

3. How can checkout be improved?
• Focus on your top benefits.
• Add multiple checkout buttons.
• Reduce the number of form fields.
• Offer a guest checkout option.
• Secure the checkout process.
• Make it easy to shop from mobile devices.

4. What is a good checkout conversion rate?
Typically the eCommerce conversion rate is around 3–5%. Once the visitor gets to the cart and checkout the conversion rate increases. You should see anywhere between 60–70% convert on checkout pages.

These were the top 5 advice to improve your eCommerce store checkout. We hope you find these tips useful and will apply them to practice. You can take guidance from a reputed development company as they offer complete Magento Support to the concerned brand. Magento India is a renowned development company offering different services ranging from migration, customization to upgrade.

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