What Features Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Builder offers to Ecommerce?

Magento 2 is one of the most efficient Ecommerce development platforms. It offers various innovative features for online merchants. To enhance the performance of the Ecommerce website, various extensions are available from the Magento marketplace. A major transformation observed among the customers is the use of mobile devices. Thus to meet the modern buyer needs a mobile app is required for the Ecommerce website. As more and more people are using their smart-phones for every single task, Mobile Apps have seen a huge surge. The Magento platform has added another feature PWA Studio. The PWA Studio is used to build Magento Ecommerce mobile app for online selling websites. In simple terms, Progressive Web Apps take the users to the website and leverage the benefits of a thriving mobile platform. Building PWA can bring plenty of benefits to the Ecommerce website. If you have an online selling store, you can easily convert the website into a mobile app using PWA Studio.

Features Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Builder

What is Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Builder?
The Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Builder is a simple to use solution having a user-friendly backend with a customized front end. Store owners can simply hire magento 2 developers to install this extension on their Ecommerce website. They configure it using the editor on the backend & make PWA App live on their mobile website. Your mobile website visitors are prompted with a popup at the bottom of the screen asking them to ‘Add To Home Screen’. This automatically installs the Magento 2 PWA App onto the customer’s mobile device.

What are the features of the Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Builder?

1. Flexible & Dynamic Home Screen
This feature is highly useful for the store admin to easily manage the Home-Page editor. No need to spend hours in coding, the admin can add elements on the page as per their choice. Elements include banners, sliders, & featured products with desirable redirect links to multiple product pages, & categories. Store admin can also build different home-page layouts & enable the desired one at any moment.

2. Product Listing with Multi-Device Compatibility
Admin has the leverage to list their products on the website as ‘new arrivals’, ‘best-seller’, and ‘special offers’. They can use them on the banners and sliders of the website home-page as well for user engagement. PWAs are built on HTML, CSS, & Java script technologies thus are compatible with all mobile devices. It is compatible with both iOS & Android Mobile OS. So, a single Magento 2 PWA App of yours would target all the audiences. This makes it easy & affordable for the magento development team to build and launch a PWA app for different operating systems, unlike native apps.

3. Less Time to Market
PWA Apps do not require deployment at different mobile app stores to reach the target audience. This makes them affordable and requires less time to market. Your PWA Mobile App can be easily downloaded from the Magento 2 website itself. This makes your website to be more creative & integrate user-friendly elements into your PWA Mobile App. This removes the overhead of taking approval from a third-party app store or play store.

4. Push Notifications
Store owners can send Push Notifications to their Magento 2 PWA app users. From the backend, the store admin can simply automate & schedule the notifications for ‘Successful Orders’, ‘Order Status’ & ‘Cart Abandonment’. Apart from those admin can also make any sort of notifications by entering the notifications’ title, message, and CTA & redirect link.

5. Lightweight PWA App
Progressive Web Apps are usually light in weight that means they consume less memory than the regular Native Mobile Apps. Thus, your Magento 2 Mobile App would consume less space on users’ devices & perform at a faster rate than a regular mobile app. Lightweight gives a much faster load-time to the Magento 2 PWA Mobile App. A responsive app engages more users as it has a better user-experience & improved engagement.

6. Multi-lingual & Multi-Currency Support
Buyers usually face the problem of language while making online purchases. But with the consultation of Magento 2 Development Company, PWA Mobile App Builder can help your ecommerce app to support multiple international languages & currencies. This allows the vendors in English speaking countries to cater to their local as well as the international audience in a personalized manner. Merchants can also add more languages & currencies to their Magento 2 PWA Mobile App depending on business & end-users needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Progressive Web App (PWA)?
PWA is one of the most discussed technologies across the globe. It is not possible that you are having an e-commerce website and you haven’t heard about the word “PWA”. Installing web apps on the phone has become a possibility. PWA is the future of web development having features like native mobile apps.

2. Why Magento PWA Integration?
According to reports, 40% of Ecommerce sale is generated from mobile phones which will further reach 45.7% till the end of 2020. Looking at the facts of mobile driving more online sales, Magento has made a smart decision to get benefitted from PWA with a better user experience.

3. What is Magento PWA Studio?
Magento collaborated with Google to integrate PWA features in Ecommerce development. The PWA Studio came into action and Magento development became the first choice for the Ecommerce platforms to get the best out of PWA with full potential. The PWA Studio provides tools to developers for building and maintaining the PWA storefront.

How about converting your Ecommerce store into a PWA? Well, a reliable Magento 2 developer can do this for increasing your online business. What’s more, a lot of time and money is saved on app development while improving the user experience. We have developed advanced Magento 2 extensions and themes for ensuring the store seamless functionality. At Magento India, our objective is to build the best-in-class websites using the robust Magento platform.

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