6 Best Magento Payment Gateway Extensions to Try in 2021

For every eCommerce business, it is mandatory to have safe payment gateways for its customers, but with an array of options, it can be quite challenging for online store owners. As a store owner, you not only need to think about technical hurdles of integration of eCommerce payment gateways, but also need to consider costs and health. If you’ve invested in Magento eCommerce development, you can always rely on their team of experienced Magento developers for Magento payment module services. The Magento Marketplace offers a wide array of Magento payment gateway extensions. This makes it extremely difficult for online store owners to choose the right payment gateway extensions for their eCommerce business.

Best Magento Payment Gateway Extensions

If you are one of those who are struggling to choose the right payment gateway extensions for Magento 2, this blog is meant for you.

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Before jumping directly to the list of the best payment gateway extensions for Magento, let us first understand how Magento payment gateway works.

How Does the Magento Payment Gateway Work?
Once a customer clicks on the submit button, it initiates the payment process within seconds. The Magento payment gateway extension records the transaction requests, encrypts the payment details, and sends it to a payment processor.

The payment processor then transfers the transaction details to the bank. The bank decides whether the payment is to be approved or not. In both cases, the response is sent back to the payment processor and the payment gateway completes the payment processing by sending back the response to the customer.

The Magento payment gateway serves as an intermediary between the customer and the bank or PayPal.

Now let’s talk about the best Magento payment gateways extensions one by one.

Top 6 Magento Payment Gateway Extensions to Consider in 2021

1. PayTrace Payment Gateway Magento 2
PayTrace payment gateway extension specializes in B2B transactions. It is one of the few payment gateway providers that can process Level II and Level III credit card data. The data is stored within a 3-tier high-security data center and is provided with end-to-end encrypted card readers. The best part is that PayTrace is PCI certified. It has got more than 35,000 clients per year with a total transaction size of more than $10 billion.

By employing a methodology for direct transactions, this extension supports the task of customers purchasing products in your online store. Because of this mechanism, your clients don’t need to leave the eCommerce store for making the payment. It is done naturally on the checkout tab and your customers promptly receive a corresponding response.

This nifty integration is useful in providing hassle-free and coherent links between your Magento 2 store and the credit card processing service of PayTrace. The only thing you need to use this amazing extension is a username and password. The sensitive information collected at your online store and is then sent to Payment. Therefore, you must get an SSL certificate to protect the sensitive information about customers on your web-store.

Its Salient Features
• It supports Magento 2.2.x and 2.3.x extensions.
• One of the important US-accessible credits, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and JCB, can be used.
• PayTrace uses the PayTrace Post API and JSON API.
• It includes secure checkout, encrypted card readers, free tokenization, and encryption on the client-side.
• It consists of a secure storage vault for customers, that keeps the customer data secure, allocates custom tokens, gets rid of on-site storage, and minimizes liability and scope.

As a professional Magento development agency, we have years of experience in delivering excellent module customization and integration services as parts of our complete Magento payment module services.

2. Magento NetSuite Connector
Magento platform helps in creating high-quality websites and provides instant solutions. Magento developers continually strive to grow the eCommerce store’s business growth. On the other hand, NetSuite ERP is a cloud-based tool designed to manage the business processes on a single platform.

NetSuite ERP has helped many eCommerce websites for managing their complex operations. It helps you manage your supply chain, inventory, and customer relationships. However, using them separately will not help much than using them on one integrated platform. Such integration helps in improving the efficiency of the software, which in turn enhances business growth and customer experience.

Thus for using NetSuite ERP in such a manner, you will need a tool for integration. Such tools are called connectors. Each connector varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The connector integrates both the platforms into one and automates orders, product availability, refund, and cancellations. Once the integration is done, the connectors do not require any additional IT support.

Its Salient Features
• Order management
• Shipping and fulfillment
• Payment and invoicing
• Manage products and other product attributes with the variations in pricing, images, and categories from NetSuite.
• Supports and provides reports for order modification, discounts and advancements, bulk product uploads, countless shipping and payment methods, matrix and tools items, multiple currencies, tier pricing, and more.

3. Monetico Payment Gateway Magento 2
This extension allows you to accept Magento payments Monetico Payment Classic Package. Monetico is a tailored payment gateway that is integrated into your online store and adapted to the sales volume and industry. Monetico Payment Gateway lets you accept global payments on a 24×7 basis, regardless of the customer’s geographical locations and time zones.

Its Salient Features
• 100% automated payment process
• Automatic Payment Updates
• Provides safe payment authentication improvement codes
• Adapts to the latest facilities
• Better customer experience
• Support the Forum 24/7
• Compatible with Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.x versions

If you need help with setting up this Magento 2 payment gateway extension, you can take advantage of our dedicated Magento support services.

4. One Step Checkout Magento 2
One Step Checkout Magento 2 extension manages all the complex checkout processes in one page. It enables your customers to complete transactions within a minute, which saves your customers a lot of time and improves sales.

Your customers can fill all the required details such as shipping address, payment method, and a shipping method within a single page. This helps in improving the shopping experience, thereby increasing the level of customer satisfaction.

Its Salient Features
• User-friendly
• Auto-filling address through Google photos
• Additional popup after placing an order for extra confirmation
• Built-in delivery date feature with date picker (calendar) and instructions field
• Compatible with third-party modules
• Responsive checkout process by default

If you have any specific requirements, you can share them with our Magento developers and they will develop a customized Magento 2 module that perfectly caters to your unique requirements.

5. Infinite Scroll for Magento 2
This powerful Magento extension is developed to load the next website page automatically using AJAX. Infinite Scroll Magento 2 can be seamlessly integrated with every custom Magento theme. This helps in delivering flawless user experience as your customers will be happy with the user-friendly interface that saves clicks and time. If you want to impress your customer with this supportive navigation and high performance of your Magento 2 store, consider using Infinite Scroll.

Its Salient Features
• Automatically loads the next web page to allow the user to continue exploring your web store.
• Provides a tailored navigation bar
• Provides secure codes to improve payment security
• Under catalog, the extension draws customers to their desired products.
• Loading of web pages is supported through request
• Easily Enable/Disable the Infinite Scroll functionality from the admin configuration

If you lack the expertise to set up the extension and looking for reliable Magento support services, simply hire Magento developers from us and they will do the job for you.

6. PayPal Multi-Currency Extension for Magento 2
PayPal Multi-Currency Extension for Magento is designed to make the customers’ user experience easier. It provides flexibility in converting currency that is not supported by PayPal to other supported currencies. If you’re using standard PayPal or PayPal express on your Magento 2 store, you should consider trying this Magento 2 extension.

Its Salient Features
• Enables all currencies to use express payment system with standard PayPal and PayPal express
• Helps in making payments in a foreign currency other than the base currency
• Customers can place the order in store in their currency
• Easy, one-click installation and setup
• Compatible with Magento 2.0.x, 2.1.x

The Final Word
An ideal gateway to payment is one that serves you best. Choosing the perfect Magento payment gateway for your online store is crucial for your success in your retail sector. These are some of the selected payment gateway extensions for Magento 2. However, if you have special requirements, you may share them with our Magento developers and they will provide you the customized Magento payment module services to create a solution that improves the customer experience, boosts the affinity of your brand, and increases your ROI.



Q.1. Does Magento still widely support custom extensions?
Ans. Generally not, although our Magento developers can assist you with customized Magento extensions or any issues associated with existing extensions. You can even post your queries or issues in any of the Magento forums to seek help or advice.

Q.2. What payment gateway provider can I use with Magento?
Ans. Magento supports an array of payment gateway providers. Our Magento developers can easily integrate any payment gateway provider you currently use. However, we recommend our clients to go with Authorize.net.

Q.3 What is the cost of developing the Magento 2 extension?
Ans. The cost of a standard Magento 2 extension depends on specific functions, purposes, and use cases of custom extensions. The average cost can be anywhere from $1,000-$5,000.

The best part of our Magento payment module services is that we develop modules at the most affordable rate for our clients that keeps them happy.

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