Everything about Future of Magento CMS: The Impact, Success and Issues in 2021

Everything about Future of Magento CMS: The Impact, Success and Issues in 2021

Magento is a popular e-commerce development platform in the world. Being managed & updated by Adobe in May 2018, it has a huge chance of getting integrated with a lot of result-oriented features. As a result, it will be able to build a huge impact in 2021 and beyond in the E-commerce world.

However, security is a big concern. As per records, over 25% of Magento websites across the globe are at high risk of security threats. Will its security features receive a prominent update in the coming years? Will it be able to address developers & vendors concerns and can compete with the other e-commerce platforms? Should you continue to depend on Magento CMS or look for other options in the next few years? You will find relevant answer to all of these questions easily.

What is the impact of Magento CMS on E-commerce World?

Magento has created a huge impact on the E-commerce world. With numerous innovative features and mobile-friendly theme, it has done everything to deliver a remarkable experience to the users. It features highly useful tools, including cross-sells and upsells, which attract the customers to make more purchases. As a result, vendors invest in B2B Web Portal Development to generate a significantly enhanced sales and revenue.

According to reports, the e-commerce businesses based on Magento CMS earn 40% more revenue than their competitors. All because of the highly useful features and scalability, allowing the vendors to drive more customers towards an increased level of marketing activities.

In 2021, the merchants will gain even better revenue uplift. Thanks to Adobe’s acquisition of Magento, which further improve shopping experience and a huge conversion boost.

What is the Future of Magento CMS?

1. Progressive Web Apps

With CIF allowing the whole Adobe Experience Cloud to integrate with Magento CMS, there is a huge chance for the e-commerce platform capabilities to reach a whole new level in 2021. Developers have already started making Progressive Web Apps (PWA) present to the Magento customers through the PWA Studio. It allows vendors to build online stores that offer an app-like experience. It overall ends into a huge boost in conversion rates. Thus the number of online stores achieving healthy revenue will dramatically increase in the coming years.

2. Artificial Intelligence

AI has changed the way the users interact with the E-commerce websites. It gives vendors of Grocery Store Website Development feature to analyze customer behavior and change the interaction accordingly. It enables finding of the traces left by the store visitors, like viewed products, and build personalized product suggestions. Another popular implementation of AI is Chatbots. They will continue to be deployed in more stores, permitting the customer to enjoy instant response to their concerns. Magento will continue to adapt AI in a more engaging manner to improve the customer experience in 2021 and beyond.

3. Voice Commerce

Smart speaker users are growing at a rapid pace and will become double by 2021. It gives a clear indication that E-commerce vendors must integrate the smart speaker into their online selling website. This latest means of shopping is perfect online shopping in the near future. When planning to invest in online store development, just consider voice commerce in your business strategy to enjoy higher ROI.

Here are some popular means to prepare your website for voice search:

  • Manage content to appear in voice queries.

  • Make sure a smooth flow to buy products.

  • Voice-based navigation on your app or website.

What is the success of Magento CMS?

1. Advanced Security

You might be concerned about reading reports of the Magento security issues. But the CMS is one of the most secured E-commerce platforms to invest. For example, Magento 2.1 is equipped with several innovative features, to prevent attacks on specific locations. The CMS allows you to implement the umask to restrict the access. The X-Frame-Options HTTP request header protects your website from clickjacking attacks.

The inclusion of new features has enhanced security dramatically. Nowadays, no E-commerce platform is fully-protected from hackers. But Magento developers are consistent with fixing all the security issues through regular updates and patches. So, there is a huge improvement in the area of security in 2021 and beyond.

2. Increased Market Share

Magento has recently lost its position as the 2nd largest E-commerce platform to Shopify CMS. But it doesn’t lower the overall market share. In 2019-2020, Magento sees rapid increase in market share. It grows from 9% to 13%. There are multiple reasons behind the growth. The most popular one is the Adobe acquisition. It has already ended in numerous game-changing websites, comprising the PWA Studio and the developer tool kit. With Adobe’s recently improved ecosystem, Magento will be able to attain its top e-commerce CMS position and eliminate Shopify from the first rank.


Like every other CMS, Magento has also experienced ups and downs. But it is here to remain for longer duration. Despite being challenged by Shopify, Magento has a huge user base with bright future. Adobe’s acquisition has provided it with a huge boost. Also, the timely updates and patches are making it completely secured. So, in 2021, build your online store, hire Magento Developer India to regain a significant number of potential users. It will be really interesting to see its features against the other online selling in the coming days.

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