What makes Magento CMS an APT choice for E-commerce Business Expansion?


A Shopping cart CMS is a set of software designed for the e-commerce domain. The main objective of an online shopping CMS is to enable users to accept payments, guide checkouts, manage catalog, track orders, and calculate shipping costs. A well-designed selling website is capable to store customer data and is also mobile-friendly.

If your business deals in selling products and services online, then it requires open-source shopping software. Magento is a perfect CMS that can be installed on your own server.

Introduction to Magento

Magento is the leading CMS of all available in the market. It is the first choice of an E-commerce App Development Company offering an open-source solution for online stores. Magento is free to use and customization is simple as per your business suitability. Having a rich library of customization options with the presence of plugins and extensions from third-party developers makes it in high-demand.

The features are incredible to drive maximum user engagement, generate sales and boost conversion rates. The main reason for its high selling point is the SEO features and customer segmentation.

Features of Magento E-commerce Development CMS

The features mentioned are the most prominent ones and plays crucial role in the overall business success.

1. Catalog Management

Whether you sell wearable, beauty products, electronics, or fashion stuff – your catalog is a crucial element for the online store. And Magento CMS undoubtedly provides quality catalog management features including –

  • Supports virtual products

  • Permits downloading of digital products

  • Smoothly edit and delete product reviews

  • Full inventory management

  • Import and export products for batch update

  • Great customizable services

  • RSS Feeds and lots more

  • Attribute sets for product creation of multiple item types

2. Advertisement & Marketing Tools

Magento not only manages your online store smoothly but also assists you with marketing and conversion activities. It offers a range of tools to make your advertising simpler. These tools benefit into:

  • Cross-sell products

  • Restriction of promotional pricing

  • Feature to distribute coupon codes across email, and newsletter.

  • Control coupon usage, and manage newsletters.

  • Provides free shipping services with promotion of new products.

  • Permits price variation depending on the quantity and groups.

3. Mobile-Friendly Platform

This is the most crucial Magento features for E-commerce App Development, wherein whole shopping experience can be enjoyed on mobile platform.

  • Drag and drop facility

  • HTML5 technology to build mobile friendly storefront

  • Open for iPhone, Android, and Mobile Opera browsers

  • Clear and user-friendly product display

  • Compatible with media files like audio and video

  • Swipe, zoom, and multi-touch

4. Complete Website Maintenance

Magento being a perfect E-commerce web design CMS understands the relevance of website management. In fact, it allows users to control different website and store inside a single installation.

  • Control websites from admin panel and share only necessary details

  • Templates integrated with customizable design

  • Multi-language options and currencies

  • Integration among Magento and third-party apps

  • Tax rates depending on location, and product type

  • Captcha integrated websites and more

5. Streamlined Checkout & Payment Services

Checkout and payment is a huge concern for users when selecting the right platform for the shopping cart. Magento smoothly integrates plenty of alternatives for payment and shipping services.

  • One-page checkout

  • Ship to multiple orders in one order

  • Complete SSL security support for front-end and back-end orders

  • Estimates for shopping cart tax and shipping costs

  • Flat rate shipping, Free Shipping with Order tracking

6. Order Management

Magento offers unparallel order management system for Magento E-commerce Mobile App creators. Number of options are provided including –

  • View, create, and editing of orders directly from admin panel

  • Email notification, RSS feed for fresh orders and more

  • Complete support with product configuration

  • Permits creation of multiple invoices, shipments as well as credit memos

  • Assist in printing invoices, packing slips and shipping labels

7. SEO Centric

Magento features comprise a number of options to make search engine optimization smooth for the online store. Magento SEO features –

  • Faster loading options

  • Generates Google Sitemaps

  • By default categorize popular searches and modifies

  • Supports Google Friendly URLs

  • Simple to Meta-tag products as well as information

So, these are some of the most advanced features of the Magento CMS that can’t be ignored.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Magento free or paid?

Yes, Magento is free CMS, basically, it is an open-source platform to build an E-commerce website. Magento is known to offer unique features to grow and build an online store from scratch.

2. What is Magento Extension?

A Magento extension is a software PHP code including functions, added into Magento to improve its functionality. Extensions are developed using the broad network of Magento partners to improve flexibility and power to maintain the store the way you want.

3. What is Magento marketplace?

Magento Marketplace is the next generation application store offering merchants solutions, and provides qualified developers the tools, platform, and prime location to build a thriving business.

4. How do I install Magento extensions?

To install an extension, you must:

  • Get an extension from the Magento Marketplace or another extension developer.

  • Get the extension’s Composer name and version.

  • Update the composer.

  • Verify that the extension is installed properly.

  • Enable and configure the extension.

Wrapping Up:

When you are planning to build an online store from scratch or customizing the existing one, always choose a platform that meets your requirements. Opting Magento Development Company in India is cheaper compared to other platforms services such as Shopify and offers plenty of incredible features at a reasonable price. Magento offers a range of features including segmentation, catalog and inventory management and above-all customizable CMS.

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