7 Tips for Smooth Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Process in 2021

7 Tips for Smooth Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Process in 2021

Magento 2 is powerful platform offering plenty of features to its users. It boosts the E-commerce website functionality & security to survive in tough competition with appropriate user engagement capabilities. It is the most preferred CMS of the choice for many online store owners. Having dynamic sustainability feature helps to scale your business to the next level. But, to enjoy long-term success with optimized store performance, it is important for the online merchants to invest in Magento 2 Migration without thinking twice.

The Magento community always work on improving existing features and customer support. So it’s the perfect time to migrate to the stunning Magento 2 platform as End of life for the old version has already passed. If not migrated, you might come across security related issues in your website. Your site’s data become vulnerable to hackers.

If you want to dodge this situation, make a smart move by upgrading your Magento site. There are several Magento development companies out there and choose the best migration service providers. Why choosing the Best Migration Service provider help you in the long run? Come let’s find out the factors to consider while selecting a migration service provider.

Tips to Hire Magento 2 Migration Service Provider

1. Hire Migration Expert

Magento is a complex platform needing expertise to handle it. Make sure that the expert from Magento 2 Development Agency is certified with relevant experience in migration. Knowledge about the CMS is an additional benefit to install the CMS version. Such developers only can scale your current website’s conversion rates as well as customer engagement.

2. Hire Clear Track Record Developer

A clear track record is important to know their experience in the Magento 2 migration. Before hiring, make sure that the Magento developer you’re hiring should have relevant experience in migration work. Certification is crucial, but having prior experience in migration work is the main priority. This lowers the mistakes that happen during the migration. So it will cut the migration cost and time.

3. Hire Developer Offering Better Support

Being a reliable platform, it releases updates and supports on regular intervals for their user. The Magento developers you hire must offer reliable support during the migration plan. Check whether they are helping you with proper documentation. Also, ask them to assist you with the Magento extensions. Then they’ll recommend you to customize the extensions if needed. If you want, you can also design the desired extensions from scratch. This will help you to fix major issues that arise during post-migration. And also track the website activity to address the technical issues to guarantee the website’s potential.

4. Plan Migration Budget

Before planning for the Magento 2 migration, it is important to plan a budget for the Magento Upgradation service project. You should check the developer’s migration track record. Because it is important to analyze the cost breakdown for the whole migration work. The Magento experts you are looking to hire should be able to answer your budget queries. Don’t work on cutting down the migration cost, because it will have an adverse effect on your E-commerce website in the long run.

5. Upgrade Your Server

Magento 2 upgradation needs a new server for the deployment work. During the migration more server space for your website is required. Based on the need, the hosting service providers enable you to opt for the correct system. Also, as per the requirements, the solutions may vary. Such as shared hosting, dedicated server and virtual private server. All these servers configuration may appear costly but in the long run it is highly-beneficial.

6. Make a Database Copy

Every migration is full of complexity and comes with the risk of data loss. It may seem obvious, so proper database backup is essential. Although most of the hosting providers will keep a backup of your website’s database. It costs nothing to make a second copy of database.

7. Check URL Structure

After the Magento 2 migration, the E-commerce website URL structure may tend to change. Verify and resolve the old URLs to be compatible with the latest structure. You can consult Magento 2 Development Company to integrate an effective way like 301 Redirects. Failing to address the URL structure have a serious impact on the SEO and search visibility in general.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is the benefit of availing your Magento 2 migration service?

We are an experienced & reputed Magento 2 Development agency with team of professionals and years of experience on E-commerce. A team of dedicated & experienced Magento 2 developers will perform migration without data loss with complete backup service.

02. What will be the consequence of not migrating to Magento 2?

Magento community is only supporting Magento latest version and is not releasing any security patch after End of Magento 1. This is a huge risk regarding the security threats and you won’t be able to leverage the advantages of amazing features of Magento latest version.

03. How much time do I have to upgrade to Magento 2?

Magento has officially declared Magento 1 support will end after June 2020 thus it is suggested to migrate to the latest version Magento 2 as soon as possible.

04. How much time is needed for Magento 2 migration?

It can take couple of days as per the website complexity, features and current version set up. Our developers can easily audit your Magento 1 website and offer a complete migration plan.

Wrapping Up:

As Magento 2 migration is a time-consuming activity, it needs a lot of tips to follow and work on. Because the migration cause errors, challenges, and other follow-ups. Thus, then at the end, all those efforts will pay you with the new powerful and more efficient e-commerce website. It is worth waiting until it gets complete. If you come across any problem with the Magento migration, feel free to contact an experienced team of Magento developers.

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