Why magento development services is best choice for ecommerce website Development?

Why magento development services is best choice for ecommerce website Development

Starting an online store has become a mandate for retailers to meet the growing demands of customers widely. There are several options available for people to develop a responsive, interactive, and flexible eCommerce platform. But nothing can bring unbeatable features like the Magento platform. One of the best platforms for developing profitable websites B2C and B2B web portal development is the most talk-about platform.

A majority of Magento development companies suggest building a result-oriented retail website using the advanced features of Magento. Since every business owner expects a flexible, scalable, and agile eCommerce solution, Magento offers robust functionalities to bring in fast growth and development.

In this blog, we will look at the main reasons why Magento is still the most acquired eCommerce platform among large, medium, to small organizations.

Few Things to Know About Magento

Magento was launched in 2008 and in these 13 years, the platform has witnessed several upgrades, new additions, extensions, and more. It is the most preferred eCommerce platform by entrepreneurs, online companies, merchants, vendors, and more. Several well-known brands like Ford, Liverpool, Vizio, Landrover, Nestle Nespresso, Jaguar, Olympus, Cox & Cox, and others have their successful stores on Magento. It gives you a futuristic growth approach to create or upgrade your existing platform on Magento with the help of a Magento development company.

Top Reasons Why Investing in Magento Development Services is Profitable for you

1. Open Source & Free to Access Platform

Magento is free to access the eCommerce platform. Anyone can download Magento and install it using the step-by-step process and ready to create an eCommerce website with ease. You need not pay any licensing fees for this. Magento is an open-source platform is written in PHP which is simple for developers to customize as per their business requirements. Not just installation only, Magento also offers free extensions to customize your website the way you want in a hassle-free manner.

2. Rich Features

Magento breaks down the monotony of only providing a defined set of features to create and upgrade your eCommerce platform. It provides the features that are suitable for different businesses. The advanced search filer option of Magento is helpful to find state-of-the-art functionalities to create a successful store.

3. Interactive Design Elements

Ensure an interactive and eye-catchy Magento website design while attaining complete flexibility. Just like other CMS’s like Drupal, WordPress, etc., Magento ensures a better user-experience to admin, developers, and customers. It offers a feature-rich eCommerce solution and essential tools to design as you like it.

4. Wide Magento Community Support

If you need regular eCommerce updates, information, and support, then rely on Magento’s wide set of communities. The wide selection of the Magento community includes merchants, designers, developers, vendors, store owners, and other professionals. You can expect to get optimum Magento eCommerce support at all times to stay updated and secure your platform.

5. No Hosting Required

Choosing eCommerce hosting is an important task to finalize the range of space you need for your retail website. Unlike Shopify and Volusion, Magento offers the liberty to choose your hosting that fits your requirements and budget. On the other side, you can also select your preferred choice of hosting while migrating to the Magento eCommerce platform.

6. Responsive Design

Responsiveness is an essential feature of an eCommerce website. It helps to ensure smooth access to the platform on numerous types of devices. Concerning this, Magento offers a responsive design element to smoothly run the website on different mobile, tablet, laptop, and other devices. It features HTML5 capabilities, image scaling, griding, AV capabilities, gesture controls, and more.

7. Maximum Customer Service

Magento offers flexible customer support to both developers and users. It offers an improved set of features like order update emails, a live chat solution, a contact us form, and more. On the other side, it offers an easy to create, edit, and manage customer’s profiles and accounts with a range of features like rewards-based discounts, order history, and more.

8. Multilingual Support

If you are looking out for an eCommerce store that can be converted into different languages, then you can completely rely on Magento. The multi-lingual support of this platform allows you to create multiple stores in different languages and on a single installation. You can set the descriptions, currency, and price according to different country’s standards accordingly.

9. Optimum Security

Magento brings optimum security at the core. Having a solid base of PHP ensures complete security and reduces the risk to a minimum level. It features high-end security measures like payment options back by PCI standards for maintaining data security.

10. Easy Integration

Last but not least, the Magento platform ensures easy integration of third-party tools and software to maintain flexible functions. It gives the liberty to add several tools and extensions to make shipping, logistics, and payment gateway seamless and smooth.

Wrapping up

Magento is not just a plug and plays eCommerce solution. It is something more than that. It offers advanced functionalities and robust features to create an effective retail platform to ensure organizational success. Get the required support for B2C and B2B web portal development from a reliable Magento development company MagentoIndia. Feel free to get in touch with the technical experts to get proper guidance as to how to start an eCommerce platform with Magento.


1. How Long Does it Take to Develop an eCommerce Store on Magento?

The time-frame of developing an eCommerce store on Magento depends on several factors like the features you want, scope & size of the project, functionalities, integrated software, and more. You can contact our expert professionals regarding Magento store development.

2. Is that Possible to Migrate from the Older Version of Magento to a New Version?

Yes, you can migrate from Magento 1 to Magento by hiring our Magento migration services. The team of experts working for us ensures smooth migration without effective functionality of your existing platform.

3. How Much Does Magento Migration Cost?

It depends on the hourly rate of Magento developers to migrate your existing platform to the new one.

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