Why Brands Prefer Magento 2 Development for E-commerce needs in 2021?

Why Brands Prefer Magento 2 CMS for E-commerce Development in 2021?

E-commerce selling is the most liked business model for both sellers and buyers. Several reputed brands have moved to E-commerce selling to drive potential buyers and remain competitive. Startups are also taking keen interest to invest in online selling by selecting a feature-rich CMS. A CMS is a software tool designed to work for the E-commerce domain. The main working of CMS comprise of users to accept payments, perform checkouts, manage catalog, track orders, and generate shipping pricing. Magento 2 is a secure & trustworthy CMS meeting all your business needs and easy to install on the server.

Introduction to Magento 2 CMS

Magento 2 is the most reputed CMS known for its advanced features. It is the first choice of startups as well as reputed E-commerce brand to offer an alluring experience to customers. The CMS is open-source and customization is simple too as per the business requirements. Having a rich set of customization extensions & plugins makes it in high-demand.

The features help to drive maximum user engagement, boost sales and grow conversion rates. Brands approach Magento 2 Development Company to build online selling store having SEO features as well as product categorization.

Features of Magento 2 CMS

The features discussed are the most important ones and plays vital role in business success.

1. Catalog Management

Catalog is a perfect element having its own importance for the online store. No matter what you sell on your online store ranging from wearable, electronics, beauty products, or fashion stuff it is important to manage catalog. The CMS offers remarkable features including –

  • Supports virtual products
  • Easy to edit and delete product reviews
  • Complete inventory management
  • Perfect customizable services
  • Import and export products for batch update
  • RSS Feeds and many more

2. Advertisement & Marketing Tools

Magento 2 help in E-commerce store development & management but also helps to achieve marketing and conversion goals. It offers multiple tools to make the advertising job simple. These tools benefit into:

  • Cross-sell products
  • Addition & Deletion of promotional pricing in real-time
  • Feature to distribute coupon codes across email, and newsletter
  • Features for free shipping with promotion of latest products
  • Allows price variation according to the products quantity

3. Mobile-Friendly Platform

This is the most significant features for Magento 2 Development, wherein whole shopping work can be performed on mobile platform.

  • Drag and drop facility
  • Easy to work with media files
  • Swipe, Zoom, and multi-touch
  • Clear and user-friendly product display
  • HTML5 technology to build mobile friendly website
  • Great for iPhone, Android, and Mobile Opera browsers

4. Complete Website Maintenance

Magento being a reputed E-commerce CMS knows the relevance of website management for startups. In fact, it permits admin to manage different website from a single dashboard.

  • Captcha integrated websites
  • Multi-language options as well as currencies
  • Integration of Magento with third-party apps
  • Templates integrated with customizable design
  • Tax management as per the location, and product type
  • Control websites from admin panel and share only essential data

5. SEO Centric

Magento 2 features a number of options to make search engine optimization easy for the online store. The major SEO features include:

  • Faster loading options
  • Assists in Google Friendly URLs
  • Build Google Sitemaps
  • Meta-tag products as well as data
  • Automatically manages popular searches

6. Easy Checkout & Payment Services

Checkout and payment is a big concern for users when looking for the right platform for the shopping cart. Magento 2 Development Agency easily integrates plenty of alternatives for payment as well as shipping services.

  • One-page checkout
  • Ship different orders in one order
  • SSL security support for front-end and back-end orders
  • Assessment for shopping cart tax and shipping costs
  • Flat rate shipping, and Free Shipping with Order tracking

So, these are a few advanced features of the Magento CMS that can’t be ignored.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Magento E-commerce?
Magento is a renowned E-commerce platform built on open source PHP technology having a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content and functionality. Magento offers strong marketing, search engine optimization, and inventory management tools.

2. Is Magento a good E-commerce platform?
Magento is a renowned open source E-commerce solution and it works fine. It is the most popular platform with over 300,000 users. It is a self-hosted one which is a great CMS platform. In the E-commerce market it is considered SEO friendly platform.

3. Why Magento is best for E-commerce?
Magento is the flexible and one of the most secured platforms for online selling. It is one of the best ecommerce platforms in terms of features, support, and security. You can build fully scalable and better Magento website design for your e-commerce business.

4. What are the features of e-commerce?
The most important E-commerce features are:

  • An easy-to-use checkout.
  • Promotion and discount code tools.
  • Email marketing integration.
  • Content management capabilities.
  • Search engine optimized code and layout.
  • Reporting & analytics tools.
  • An integrated blog or articles section.

5. What is Magento marketplace?
Magento Marketplace is the next generation application store offering merchants solutions, and provides qualified developers the tools, platform, and prime location to build a thriving business.

Wrapping Up:

Magento 2 E-commerce CMS is the first choice for expanding businesses as it allows you to integrate remarkable features for customer engagement. The perfect set of features plays a vital role to drive audiences to enjoy a smooth buying experience and visit the website frequently. Avail of professional guidance from Magento 2 Developers to build a reliable E-commerce platform for your online selling business expansion.

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