What Challenges faced by eCommerce Magento Development Agency?

What Challenges faced by eCommerce Magento Development Agency

Magento is one of the most reputed E-commerce platforms across the globe in terms of market shares but when we discuss the first e-commerce websites. It is an absolute platform and it has its features to eliminate flaws. The Magento Development Services knows these flaws and always try to overcome them and this has gained popularity all around the world with rise of eCommerce Magento Development Agency.  The challenges faced in development work are frustrating that often make the business enterprise to look for other E-commerce development platforms.

Some common challenges faced by eCommerce Magento Development Agency

1. Slow Loading

Slow loading is key reason of killing e-commerce revenue. This lead to cart abandonment, increased bounce rates, missing page elements and decrease in sales. You can check the issues and partner with a trustworthy hosting provider. But most often, the problem is deeper and the processes slow down the website requiring professional expertise. Go through the insights and ask your dedicated team to address the slow loading problems. Once the optimization is done, you can check the results by running the tests.

2. Poor Website Ranking

Make sure to build search engine friendly URLs for your E-commerce website. Do not forget to enable the SEO in your store, it takes a few minutes but helps to a great extent. Enabling the filter feature in product search, the CMS will change the link by default. Installing the right extension during Magento Ecommerce development will help to save the link unchanged without worrying about the number of filters enabled in their search. Another must-have SEO features for an e-commerce store, Google Site Maps permits structuring of all pages and made them easily crawl by search engine. You can create a compliant sitemap for category pages, product pages and Magento pages following these instructions.

3. Fix Shopping Cart Rules

Shopping cart rules are basically price rule applied to the products when they are added to cart. Catalogue price rules show all the offers directly on the product pages.

Shopping cart rules let you apply customer’s special offers:

  • Discounts on specific products over a certain price

  • Free shipping on specific product categories

  • Discounts on specific shipping or payment process

  • Coupon codes

  • Second product for additional promotion

The easiest process to verify if shopping cart rules are working appropriately is to use the coupon codes or make particular orders.

4. Magento 2 Support

If you want to verify that your e-store is set-up well, secure and running properly, you should partner with a dedicated support staff. Go for the 24/7 support packages as it includes monitoring and emergency support. The best option is to choose the Ecommerce Magento Development Agency to manage all website development and support activities. Else, you may come across misunderstanding between different companies to fix the problem. Having simple functionality makes the website more stable. The more sales you have, the more losses you may come across and that’s why support becomes important.

5. Inventory Management

One of the key features is “Alert me” informing customers regarding product availability for sale again. Analytics shows about the best sellers, and for everything, you will need additional modules. Magento platform does not allow you to work with multi-stores by default. If you need this functionality and show products on the different warehouses an extension is needed.

Some of the interesting inventory management possibilities include:

  • Automatically assign the preferred shipping warehouse according to customer location.

  • Bulk update of stocks and statuses in just a few clicks

  • Track product movement using storage and shipment

  • Warehouse management by editing the warehouse details and manage permissions

  • Get low stock alerts as well as customize rules for notifications

  • Forecast stock records for specific products

6. Building Responsive Design

Responsive template is not a new concept and is around for a long time. E-commerce website engages over 60% of organic traffic from mobile gadgets. Hence business enterprises must integrate a mobile-optimized design else they will lose possible buyers. Without consulting an experienced Magento certified developer India, it will be difficult to build a responsive website.

  • Development of mobile responsive websites with streamlined navigation.

  • Synchronizing content on mobile screens.

  • Rearrangement of designing elements.

These are a few difficulties development agency come across during the E-commerce website development for users.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the biggest challenge in E-commerce?
To keep up with competitors, it is important to know the biggest challenges in E-commerce.

  • Higher customer expectations.

  • Expanded customer options.

  • Increased difficulty in attracting customers.

  • Increased importance in using technologies to automate.

  • Continued uncertainty.

2. How can E-commerce challenges be overcome?

  • Opt for Flexible Technology.

  • Support Cross-border and Global Sales.

  • Adopt a Mobile-First Approach.

  • Create a Seamless Brand Experience.

  • Integrate Advanced Analytics.

  • Experiment with Ideas.

3. What is Magento Marketplace?
Magento Marketplace is the next generation application store offering merchants solutions, and provides qualified developers the tools, platform, and prime location to build a thriving business.

4. How does Magento 2 work?
Magento 2 empowers store owners with better speed and improved productivity. Featuring over 50% faster page load speeds across catalog and checkout pages, performance lies at the heart to enhance the customer experience and grow the conversion rates. In addition a secure payment mechanism is offered to the users.

Wrapping Up:

While being the most popular e-commerce CMS, Magento offers users lots of features in terms of customizations as well as integrations. But the CMS is a complex solution, making simple operations hard to manage for inexperienced users. Some e-commerce development challenges can be easily addressed by changing the configurations in the dashboard while others need collaboration with a certified Magento developer.

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