List of Best & Must Have Magento Extensions in 2021

List of Best & Must Have Magento Extensions in 2021
We are almost halfway through 2021. Still, new suggestions and a list of things do not let you stop adding more features and innovation to your Magento store.

Of course, extensions are an inevitable part of the Magento platform adding an extensive set of functionality as per your requirement. But which one is trending these days and offers the maximum value to business matters the most.

Thus, to clear the dilemma and let Magento extension development be a profitable part of your eCommerce store, we have come up with a list. We have done intensive and extensive research for you to create a list of the best, adaptable, user-friendly, and profitable Magento extensions.

Here are Our Top-Rated Magento Extensions

1. One Step Checkout Extension

In the world of eCommerce, time is the real money and no vendor affords to lose the same. You know the fact that online shopping is synonymous with convenience and speed to avail things. So, how can you expect a lengthy or multi-step checkout process increases the conversion rate?

No, that’s not going to happen. As a result, customers abandon the cart and leave the products as it is.

To curb this issue, One Step Checkout Extension is your best pick to speed up the checkout process, reduce cart abandoned rates, and increase sales.

Top Benefits
* Seamless checkout process
* Mobile checkout optimization
* Auto-suggestion
* Auto-detecting customer’s location
* Speedy checkout process
* Auto-update order information
* Enhanced user experience
* Multiple payment getaway acceptance.

2. Shop by Brand Extensions

Pay much heed to Magento customization by offering a personalized shopping experience to customers. One way of doing that is integrating Shop By Brand Magento extension.

It works beneficially by creating separate brand pages with relevant products as per the likings of customers. It allows shoppers to directly drop at the favored brand page and shop conveniently without using too many filters and searches.

Shop by Brand extension further helps merchants to create various brands with logos and names to facilitate a brand shop.

3. Blog Integration Extensions

Blogging is an inevitable part of the marketing strategy that brings more visitors, increase conversions, and enhance sales patterns.

If you do not have a blog on the Magento platform, then you are definitely missing something big due to the following reasons.

* Blogging drives 55% of more visitors, 97% more inbound links, and 43% more indexed pages.
* 57% raise in customer gains.
* Magento owners who do blogging get6 67% more leads in a month.
* Marketers see 13 times increase in ROI after starting a blog.
* 77% of internet users read the blog regularly.

Now, you must have got the idea of starting a blog section on your Magento eCommerce store. However, the platform does not have its in-built blogging feature. So, for this, you will be needing a blog extension that offers the following few benefits.

* Improve organic search of your eCommerce store.
* Start a new communication channel to interact with customers.
* Produce meaningful content related to your product offerings.
* Channelize visitors on the blog section to your eCommerce cart.

4. Nosto Personalization Extension

Every eCommerce customer wants a personalized shopping experience without scrolling through thousands of products. For this appeal, Nosto is the personalized extension for Magento Store.

It allows displaying customized product recommendations to customers as per the previous search pattern. Shoppers will get to see recommended products best suit their requirements without using any product filter.

In reality, Nosto is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Magento extension that analysis customer’s product preference and search patterns.

Top Benefits
* Quick display of recommended products
* Clear the clutter of unwanted products
* Fast checkout
* Enhanced user experience
* Increase in product sales

5. Social Login Extension

Another Magento Extension for the success of your eCommerce store is using the Social Login extension.

You must have experienced it where several customers like to sign-up using their social media credentials to save time and effort. Similarly, you can enable the same functionality for your Magento store by relying on the Social Login extension.

It helps new and existing customers to sign or log in to your store using the credentials of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social platform. In a more proficient way, it eliminates the time-consuming signup process where users need to fill up every single personal detail.

Top Benefits:
* Simply account registration and login process.
* Increase sign up rate by 30%.
* Integrated with several social media platforms.
* Google reCAPTCHA compatibility.
* Fully compatible with Magento theme.
* Responsive design.

6. Search Extension

Magento Search extension is another useful addition to your eCommerce store making a smart shopping experience for customers.

By adding this extension to your Magento store, you allow customers to find the products they like to see. Instead of glancing down thousands of other products. It helps save the time of customers while finding products and shop swiftly in a hassle-free manner.

Top Benefits:
* Auto-complete feature to make search goes faster.
* Showcase accurate search results to customers.
* Proficiency to support more than 10,000 product SKUs.
* Flexible configuration.
* Multi-lingual support.

7. Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension

If adding a wide range of vendors and merchants to your Magento eCommerce store, then this extension is just for you. It is there to add multiple vendors and giving them the functionality to manage products, inventory, orders, sales, shipments, and more. This extension lowers your burden as a Magento Store owner managing all merchants separately. Instead, let them manage their own profile.

Top Benefits:
* Add an unlimited range of vendors to the Magento store.
* Create a smart storefront for every single vendor.
* Flexible commission charges.
* Flexibility for vendors to cross-sell, up-sell, and related products.
* Auto-approve product listing.
* Editing of URL, product page, review page, etc.

8. SEO Suite Extension

Increase the organic reach of your Magento store by adding this best-recommended SEO Suite extension. Simply hire Magento developer to integrate the feature of this extension and optimize the following essentials of the store.

* Meta Tags
* Product Pages
* Category Pages
* URLs
* Blog Posts

The extension further helps in identifying the duplicate content of your website and removes the same as well.

Top Benefits:
* Create an organized eCommerce store architecture.
* Improve site crawling and web traffic.
* Advanced rich snippets.
* Seo optimized navigation pages.
* Create HTML sitemaps.
* Advanced Breadcrumbs.
* Create Alt Tags for images.
* Paging optimization.

Final Note

Now, you must have got an idea as to how to make the maximum out of your Magento Store. Add profitable, result-oriented, and highly optimized extensions to your Magento platform to improve functionality and user experience. Get more details on this by connecting with MagentoIndia that is a leading eCommerce development company in India available for your assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is that Really Important to Add Extensions to Magento Store?
In order to extend the functionality and performance of your Magento eCommerce store, extensions can be added accordingly. It could be for creating a blog, SEO, one-step checkout, or for any other purpose, there are extensions available for all.

2. What is the Cost of Each Magento Extension?
It cannot be ruled out the cost of every Magento extension. It is because of the fact that there are free and paid extensions available for you. So, it is up to you to decide which type of extension you need to integrate with your eCommerce store.

3. In How Much Time Duration Magento Extension Can be Added to the Store?
It does not take much time to integrate a particular extension into your eCommerce store. All that matters is the range of features, functionalities, and complexities you have on the store to decide the appropriate timeline.

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