All You Need to Know about Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Extension

All You Need to Know about Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Extension
You may find numerous Magento 2 extensions that enhance the overall user experience and strengthen the performance of your online store. Magento 2 Abandoned Cart extension is one of the most effective extensions that interact with your customers to reduce the loss in your business revenue. While investing in Magento shopping cart development services helps businesses in reducing the cart abandonment rate of their online stores, Magento 2 Abandoned Cart solution has been specifically developed to address this need. This article is about all you need to know about Magento 2 Abandoned Cart extension, its importance, benefits, and a lot more.

But, before that let’s understand what an abandoned cart means.

What is an Abandoned Cart?

Many times customers add products to their shopping carts but do not purchase them due to some of the other reasons. This leads to revenue loss for businesses. Thus, the cart is left with the unpurchased items is known as an abandoned cart. According to the latest research, the average abandoned cart rate worldwide is about 70%. Hence, your business is likely to face a loss of 7 out of 10 valuable potential customers.

This is one of the major concerns of eCommerce businesses across the globe. To gain back revenue, businesses need to bring their customers back on their websites and make them purchase the products they have left in their abandoned carts. Magento 2 Abandoned Cart extension is one of the most powerful solutions which can address this concern and reduce the Magento 2 cart abandonment rate.

The Magento 2 Abandoned Cart solution helps you turn the incomplete purchase of your customers into successful transactions. This Magento 2 extension allows you to create personalized auto-reminders for your customers. In this way, you can establish trust amongst your customers, retain them, and increase revenue. The personalized auto-reminders will help in the purchase of products from the abandoned cart.

Being a leading Magento eCommerce app development company, we can help you integrate and setup this amazing solution with your Magento store to help you drive more conversions and sales.

Magento 2 Abandoned Cart – A Much-needed Solution in B2C and B2B Commerce

The decision made by B2B customers while purchasing products is a gradual process whereas the B2C decision-making process is comparatively fast. In B2C commerce, the customer individually purchases the product whereas, in B2B eCommerce solutions, a whole business association is held responsible for the purchase. Moreover, B2B users usually collect quality information before purchasing anything from an eCommerce store.

For B2C customers, a small-scale design of an eCommerce platform is provided. On the other hand, for B2B users, the purchase of the products is on a large scale by a company or business entity. Therefore, the loss by the abandoned cart of a B2B user is significantly large when compared to B2C users.

It’s true that there are many B2C users but when talking about a single abandoned cart the loss caused due to the B2B users is extremely large as they are business associations, and their cart value is higher than B2C users. However, if when it comes to the long-term perspective of the business revenue, then it is highly impacted by the B2C users. Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Extension is one of the effective B2C and B2B eCommerce solutions in such situations.

Key Benefits of Using the Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Solution

Automatically Sends Email Follow-ups

This feature of the Magento 2 Abandoned Cart solution is one of the most beneficial features as it helps to restore customer requests by sending emails automatically. Many a time, customers leave your site by mistake without buying products. This amazing feature in the Magento eCommerce solution automatically sends follow-up emails and helps the customers to fulfill the online transaction.

Another advantage of the Magento 2 Abandoned Cart extension is that when a customer abandons the cart, it gains a much better understanding of the kind of customer. According to their taste and preferences, an automated personalized email is curated and sent to potential customers. This will help you boost your business revenue as personalized emails provide to be effective tools when it comes to convincing the target audience to complete the product purchases from their abandoned carts

Personalized Email Templates

Personalization is one of the best ways to convince your target customers to purchase the products in their carts. This feature allows you to curate personalized email templates for your customers. The template should contain the list of products left in the abandoned cart along with a discount coupon or any special offers related to the list of products. This encourages the customers to complete the product purchase which ultimately helps you boost your revenue and profits.

Create Coupons to Boost Revenue

As per the latest surveys, coupons or any type of discount code help in attracting potential customers. If you’re investing in Magento shopping cart development, then this feature will help you study the interests of your target customers and help you personalize the discount coupons. In this way, you can attract more customers to make purchases as they are getting decent discounts on the products.

You can even set a limit to the number of carts and the expiry date of the discount codes or coupons. This creates a sense of urgency amongst the customer which again increases your business revenue.

Blacklist Option

With the help of Google Analytics, you can easily track which visitor has turned to be the customer and is purchasing products from your online store. You can better understand the preferences of your customers and send them personalized follow-up emails. Later, you can also understand which customer is continuing to buy products from your site and which customer is not.

You can blacklist those customers who are not profitable for your business. This will help you marginalize your potential customers. Your eCommerce sales will increase as you’ll be focusing on only valuable and profitable customers through this feature.

Ending Note

If you’re investing in a Magento eCommerce app development company, then Magento 2 Abandoned Cart is an effective extension that will take your eCommerce business to level 2.0. It comes with advanced features that help you convert your customers in a hassle-free manner.

Magento 2 Abandoned Cart extension is one of the easiest ways to retain your customers, provide value, increase conversion rates, and accelerate the business revenue for your Magento store. You can hire Magento certified developers India from us to add this amazing extension to your Magento eCommerce store.

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Q.1. How to send automated abandoned cart emails in Magento 2?
Ans. You can easily set up Magento Abandoned Cart rules for sending emails.

  • Select a delivery time and a discount amount for your coupon.
  • Set a time duration for your email campaign
  • Send auto-reminders only to registered visitors
  • Send the email copy to a specified email address
  • Import the email blacklist
  • If you need help in configuring and sending automated emails, you can hire Magento certified developers in India from us.

    Q.2. How does your Magento support team helps when your clients get stuck?
    Ans. We are a reputed, well-established Magento eCommerce app development company in India, offering best-in-class customer support and maintenance services. When our clients get stuck with a problem related to their Magento stores, we provide them with the advantage of contacting them anytime.

    Q.3. Do you have a dedicated team of Magento certified developers in India?
    Ans. Yes, we provide a dedicated team of Magento certified developers in India who work on the latest technology and the latest Magento versions.

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