Black Friday is Here – Get Your Magento Store Ready for This Big Day

Black Friday is here and all of us are getting ready for this big day for eCommerce this year. Black Friday is a day when shoppers from all over the world head to their favorite online stores to grab unmissable deals and offers. So, for the stores hosting these sales, they need to prepare for the spike in the traffic and the challenges related to it. Did you face any issues with your Magento store last year during the sale? Now is the time to get your Magento store ready for the most awaited Black Friday Sale!

As an experienced Magento 2 development company, we have listed some effective tips to help you prepare for your Black Friday sale on your Magento store. Keep reading to discover more.

How to Prepare Your Magento Store for Black Friday Sales?

Black Friday

Plan Your Black Friday Marketing Strategy

First, plan your marketing strategy and prepare your messages for the sale.

  • Check your product inventory to ensure that you have enough stock of popular products.
  • Make sure you offer competitive pricing of your items to stay competitive.
  • Make sure to ship all the products by 30th

Strengthen Your Marketing Campaigns

  • Opt for omnichannel marketing channels – including email and Facebook ad campaigns with retargeting.
  • Plan and set up email campaigns to send shoppers emails about attractive discounts and deals
  • Plan your advertising budgets and select channels to use for achieving the best results.
  • Promote your Magento store on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the Call-to-Action buttons and relevant hashtags (#BlackFriday, #BlackFridaySale). You can also use images of seasonal bargains to attract more customers.
  • Make sure to update and verify your eCommerce information in Google Shopping, including items, categories, manufacturers, and promotions.
  • Don’t forget to create an abandoned cart campaign. During this sale, you can expect 64% abandoned carts, so make sure to improve your marketing strategies in this area.

Perform UX Audit

Make sure all marketing channels and communication are consistent. All website information should help shoppers take an action and navigate to build a seamless user experience. You can perform a UX audit to see if all functions are working flawlessly and fast enough to meet the customer requirements. This can even help customers with little time expect to complete the purchase process. If you want your customers to stick with you, make sure to fulfill their requirements before your competitors do.

Listing Product Pages and Details

  • Make sure your category listing pages are more exciting than your rivals.
  • Use Magento’s merchandising tools to generate a powerful listing page. For instance, arrange products based on sizes, colors, outfits, collections, etc.
  • Make use of Magento’s cross-sell or upsell panel to feature “people also buy” or “works well with”, etc.
  • Ensure product images load fast and that there are a lot of them.
  • Add static blocks to highlight Black Friday delivery options and the estimated delivery time.

Optimize Your Magento Store for Mobile

Make sure your Magento store is responsive to smaller screens. Check if it properly displays which products are on sale in your store’s mobile version and that it is fast loading.

Black Friday is an important day for customers to shop for deals and the majority of the online traffic will come from mobile devices. Shoppers prefer to use their smartphones to shop online on that day as it is easier and convenient. To make sure your Magento eCommerce store can handle the spike in the traffic, you need to optimize your Magento store for mobile.

You can always hire Magento developers for advanced Magento store optimization services.

Maintain Your Security

With increased traffic on Black Friday, you are likely to face issues with security. Therefore, you must ensure that your Magento store is highly secured and protected against cyber attacks. Your customer must feel safe when shopping from your website.

For this reason, you must spend some time reviewing your Sucuri configuration prior to traffic spikes. This way, you’ll be protected and there will be reduced chances of anyone getting unauthorized access to your website.

Here’s how you can strengthen the security of your eCommerce website:

  • Add or update your SSL certificate
  • Remove errors and downtime
  • Make sure you use strong passwords and have the latest security patches installed on your software.
  • Check for expiring passwords and expired sessions
  • Update all the plugins and extensions used

You can even hire a Magento eCommerce app development company that can manage the security of your Magento 2 store for you.

Perform Regular Magento Store Checkups

Our next tip for merchants who want to prepare their Magento store for Black Friday sales is to ensure that you are constantly reviewing and monitoring your store. If you know about the performance of your store throughout this period then you can make improvements accordingly. Try to adjust your settings to handle the traffic efficiently.

Here’s the right way to do it:

  • Check blacklisted IP addresses or country lists
  • Check the list of Magento modules and extensions and compare it with the installed ones on your store
  • Create a backup of your website ahead of the Black Friday sales
  • Enable compression on your website for fast loading times
  • Check all of your system peripherals before the sale
  • Complete any checkouts that might have been initiated but not completed during regular business hours before the sale.
  • Track your online store data

 A Magento eCommerce app development company, we perform regular Magento store checkups for our clients to make sure that their store is free from any bug or error and runs flawlessly.

Test Your Magento Store Before Black Friday

Since your website will be flooded with millions of online visitors, performing functionality testing is a good step to check if your site might withstand such huge traffic.

We have some tips that you can follow for eCommerce website testing. Conduct automated Magento performance testing using Selenium, Python, and Selenoid. Automated testing is less time-consuming, more efficient, and cost-effective than manual testing.

Testing helps you improve the User Experience of your Magento store.

Update Your Server

Expanding your server space is a good way to handle higher web traffic, especially during peak trading sessions. This helps businesses to make the most of these times of high demand and boost revenue, reducing downtime due to heavy traffic or other issues caused due to an overloaded system.

So, increasing your server space is an effective way to cope up with busy times. You can handle the unanticipated spike in traffic without facing downtimes which can help you earn more profits at the end of the sale.

One of the best web server solutions for Magento eCommerce stores is Amazon Web System (AWS). This hosting solution allows you to enjoy stability, speed, and reliability to deal with the extra traffic during the holiday season.

Analyze Your Magento Store Speed

The speed of the webpage is an important factor for achieving higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction. You can run a Google PageSpeed Insight audit of your Magento store. Both customers and search engines love sites with fast loading speeds. Major search engines like Google measure UX metrics such as Core Web Vitals and your Magento eCommerce store based on their results.

You can hire Magento developers from us to prepare your Magento store for Core Web Vitals.

Wrapping Up

Black Friday is one of the biggest events for which customers wait eagerly every year. So, as an eCommerce business, you would want your Magento store to be ready for any new and returning traffic. Make sure your store is capable of handling huge traffic during this period by making all the possible upgrades that you can with your marketing strategy, storefront, software, server, security, plugins, and extensions, etc.

We hope you found the aforementioned tips useful for your Magento store’s success. If you want to prepare your Magento store for Black Friday sales, you can get in touch with our team of certified Magento developers at a leading Magento 2 development company, Magento India.

Have a profitable and successful Black Friday!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What are the Magento performance optimization techniques that you implement?

Ans. Here are some of the ways we optimize Magento store performance:

  • Enable Flat Categories and Products
  • Merge CSS and JS Files
  • Use a reliable Content Delivery Network
  • Caching
  • Optimize images
  • Enable compression on the website
  • Reduce server response time
  • Update existing Magento versions and security patches

Q.2. How to improve Core Web Vitals on Magento 2?

Ans. Here are some of the ways you can improve your Magento 2 website on core web vitals:

  • Eliminate unused CSS
  • Optimize images/videos
  • Reduce internal server response time
  • Remove rendering blocking resources
  • Implement Lazy Loading to defer offscreen images

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