Epicor Magento Integration – Features and Benefits

So, you are looking for an Epicor Magento integration solution. In this blog, we have discussed this solution and how it can help remove repetitive, error-prone, and costly data entry from employee workloads. In the end, we will find out how Epicor helps streamline your Magento 2 order management processes by improvising your order and delivery timing.   

The codeless platforms’ Epicor Magento 2 integration helps developers simply drag and drop integration tools to automate order processing tasks. This process ensures that customer details, orders, stock, products, and pricing are in place.   

What is Epicor? 

Epicor refers to a modular ERP system, industry-specific software that helps manage business processes. It is highly efficient for small-scale and large-scale business organizations. It works well in managing accounts and finance, human resources, customers, supply chain, inventory, distribution, on-premise, and SaaS cloud ERP solutions.   

Epicor also innovates to incorporate new technologies into the ERP system. For instance, Epicor uses the IIoT to connect machines with sensors and PLCs on the shop floor in its manufacturing execution software that seamlessly integrated with the Epicor ERP system. Epicor also provides advanced omnichannel, including Magento eCommerce development and software for merchants and retailers.   

It is a viable option for the companies that deal with product manufacturing and their distribution. Epicor is highly-customizable, which helps users focus on their business goals and implement them efficiently. It consists of two interaction modes – Classic and Moder.   

The classic UI is almost similar to the menu of Windows Explorer since it consists of a vertical panel that takes up space on the left side of the screen and provides the main menu options.   

On the other hand, the Modern menu offers similar utilities but it looks and feels like Windows 8 and 10 UI. Changing the interfaces help users use this software as per their demands and context requirements.   

Epicor and Magento Integration  

Let’s discuss some amazing features of Epicor and Magento integration:  

  • Since Epicor provides an ERP system too, it becomes a very crucial tool for enterprises. It helps secure the Magento design services to and from the company to a single database and an interactive interface that provides the store retailers with the power of management.   
  • The Epicor and Magento integration help to manage the supply chain regardless of its complexity. Online retailers can develop a highly-efficient supply chain with ease.   
  • It also offers financial management tools that provide business owners with insights into the financial status of the organization. The tool helps to maintain transparency in all the financial data.  
  • It helps create well-optimized plans and define schedules to ensure that the retailers are making optimal usage of their resources to increase their business efficiency.   
  • Business owners can manage and control their product and resource stocks. It is possible because the software helps track the stock in real-time.  
  • This integration helps ensure that the retailer’s projects are always on schedule and under budget. It also helps owners have control over their business off the store.   
  • It also helps manage the product data and orders. When implemented by professionals, this integration can help merchants gain insights into their business. For instance, if a product is not purchased, you can immediately find out the problem and resolve it to improve its sale.   
  • This integration helps store owners offer the best services to their customers. At best, you can hire Magento developers who can help you develop an impressive interface for your Magento store.   
  • The customer-supplier relationship is the backbone of any successful business. With Epicor and Magento integration, the retailers can manage their eCommerce store and develop a successful SRM strategy.   
  • This integration help Magento store owners streamline the output of their products. They can create and push the production sections of their business to create an efficient output.   
  • The integration offers reliable customer relationship management. Retailers and business merchants can manage their entire customer lifecycle to improve their operational efficiency and accelerate the growth of their company by providing the best-in-class customer experience.   
  • With this integration, an automated workflow gets established which helps merchants increase their business revenue and make use of efficient processes that help decrease the workloads on their employees.   
  • This integration also provides features to manage human resources efficiently and strategically.  

Benefits of Epicor and Magento Integration  

The Epicor Magento Integration is carried out only by certified Magento integration service providers like Magento Developer Group to ensure successful integration. This integration provides huge benefits such as:  

  • It enhances the data visibility of the entire process to make the data transparent for the merchants and retailers  
  • Make online shopping for the customers a cakewalk, while enabling organized delivery of orders.  
  • Update the entire sales information while synchronizing the data, yet keeping confidential information in hand to cut down inventory management costs.   
  • No risk of redundant inputs via multiple systems. It reduces the chances of human error too.  
  • Product delivery and tracking results can get catered to achieve customer satisfaction levels.   
  • Generate reports for financial data to offer insights on critical business decisions.   


The Epicor Magento integration offers numerous benefits for Magento eCommerce business. We have seen some of the great features of this ERP system such as supply chain management, financial management, helping merchants manage isolated projects, developing a successful SRM strategy, providing an interface for customer relationship management, and human resource management.   

Are you looking for an Epicor Magento Integration service for your next project? We, as trusted partners with Epicor, are well-versed with its features, benefits, and services. Let’s connect so that our team can help you understand more about this integration to speed up your business workflow.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Does Epicor Magento integrate? How is it possible?  

Yes, the Epicor Magento integration is possible when you have a trusted Magento development company at your service. The professionals will integrate these two platforms to provide eCommerce solutions for your business. We ensure to make use of crucial features such as CRM, SRM, ERP, and SCM all at one interface to provide additional benefits to our customers and their store customers.   

Q2.How to connect Magento with Epicor?  

This integration can be achieved in two major ways –   

Hire a professional Magento development company or hire Magento 2 developers as freelancers. They will offer an all-in-one solution for your business benefits. For more queries, connect with our team.   

Q3.Why are Magento and Epicor integration necessary for eCommerce business?  

This integration is necessary because it provides the best user experience to help your business lead the market. It also helps decrease cart abandonment rates by determining the payment processing results to help close deals immediately. Thus, reducing the operational costs. All these benefits and features make Epicor Magento integration the need of this hour in the eCommerce business world.   

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