Everything You Need to Know About Magento Breadcrumbs

Have you come across Magento Breadcrumbs? Do you know the different types of Breadcrumbs and how they help enhance your website’s SEO?

Well, if you have just started with Magento eCommerce website development, then you should be aware of Breadcrumbs, its attributes, uses, and the overall navigational flow.

In this particular guide, we help you understand most of the things related to Magento Breadcrumbs based on the following few key points.

Magento Breadcrumbs

A. What are Magento Breadcrumbs?

B. What are the Different Types of Magento Breadcrumbs?

C. What are the Uses of Breadcrumbs?

D. Things You Should Know While Setting Up Magento Breadcrumbs

E. Important Things Regarding Magento Breadcrumbs

F. How to Add Breadcrumbs to Magento Website?

What are Magento Breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are like the navigational tool for your eCommerce site that allows the users to identify the category or subcategory of products. It creates a flow for customers to explore the previously browsed page by finding suggestions on a particular page and helps create a personalized experience. Most importantly, it improves the SEO of your site for better sales patterns.

How Does Breadcrumb Work on your Magento eCommerce Store?

A breadcrumb is a trail of links that showcase the preference of products to customers based on their last research pattern. If any uses clicks on the breadcrumb link, then it will redirect to the previously searched products and improve the overall UX.

In terms of the links, you can put several breadcrumbs links on your website. But the placement depends on your current theme. So, it better is to take the assistance of Magento experts to place breadcrumbs links in a particular position as per the business requirement.

What are the Different Types of Magento Breadcrumbs?

Most commonly, there are three types of Magento Breadcrumbs that you should know.

* Hierarchy-Based Breadcrumbs: One of the commonly used breadcrumbs is the hierarchy-based one. It helps customers on your Magento eCommerce site to search for products from the main category to sub-category and like. So, in this way, is termed as the hierarchical way of searching for products.

* History-Based Breadcrumbs: As the name itself implies, such breadcrumbs help customers to go back to their previous product search history and access the products. They can do it by clicking on the history breadcrumb button on your Magento platform.

* Attribute-Based Breadcrumbs: The attributes depict the different features of a particular product that the customer wants to see. These types of breadcrumbs allow the customer to look for a particular size, colour, price, and other selected attributes of products as per their personal preference.

What are the Uses of Breadcrumbs?

From the above-mentioned, it is clearly evident about the usage of breadcrumbs on your Magento eCommerce store. In addition to that, there are few uses of such functionalities from an SEO perspective as well.

* It improves the user experience of customers on an eCommerce store and compels them to shop more from you.

* It is a part of networks of internal linking that helps search engines to index the site quickly and better.

* It is available in the form of a snippet on the Search Engine Result Pages, which allows users to select the particular section accordingly.

Things You Should Know While Setting Up Magento Breadcrumbs

Now, you have understood the significance of breadcrumbs on your eCommerce store and what they can do for it. If ready to take the assistance of Magento support services for implementing breadcrumbs, then make sure you know the following things.

* At first, find out, whether this product navigation feature will be helpful for your users or not.

* While implementing the virtues of breadcrumbs, make sure that your site is structured logically and connected together. There should not be any missing elements on your site.

* Make sure the fact that breadcrumbs are for the dual purpose of improving the SEO of your site along with enhancing user experience.

Important Things Regarding Magento Breadcrumbs

There are a few things related to Magento breadcrumbs that you should be knowing at first, before implementing the same.

* Breadcrumb is visible on your Magento site in a horizontal manner.

* It is a navigational element to add to the eCommerce store and it helps influence the customer’s product buying decision.

* It should fit in your site’s design organically in a structured and logical manner.

* It is important to use the symbol, “>”, to separate different elements of the path.

* No need to use breadcrumbs on the homepage of your eCommerce platform.

How to Add Breadcrumbs to Magento Website?

Now, we come to the point of finally adding Magento breadcrumbs. For this, hire Magento Developer from an expert background and follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Login to the Admin Panel of your eCommerce store.

2. Go to Navigation to Stores> Navigation.

3. In the General category, click on the Web tab and then expand the section of Default pages.

4. Now, select Yes to Show Breadcrumbs for CMS pages and enable the same.

5. Save the Config.

Concluding Thoughts

Adding breadcrumbs to the Magento Store will not only help in enhancing the online ranking of the site but overall UX as well. Enable such helpful functionality to stay competitive in the marketplace and offer an improved user experience to shop more.

To enable the functionality, get in touch with MagentoIndia, as a leading Magento eCommerce development company India helping you meet your retail business objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should Breadcrumb Be Clickable?

When you use navigational based breadcrumbs on the eCommerce site, then it should be clickable at the initial stages. However, it should not be a clickable or tappable link at the last part of the trail.

2. What is Breadcrumbs SEO?

A breadcrumb is like a small text path, located at the top of the page of your eCommerce website. It showcases the trail as to where the user is and further helps to navigate to other product pages.

3. Does Breadcrumb Show the Current Page?

It displays the current location in the eCommerce site’s hierarchical structure, but not the session history.

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