A Guide to Digital Transformation to Help B2B eCommerce Platform India

A Guide to Digital Transformation to Help B2B eCommerce Platform India

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Are you planning to set up your own eCommerce business? Well, if yes, then you must know digital transformation in and out for the best result. There are several powerful platforms, on which your innovative tech solutions will help you grow and manage your business.

An eCommerce business will assist you in managing multiple stores in a faster yet easier way. You will also see a significant boost in revenue. For any digital transformation consulting service, it is important to know your customer. Therefore, the following areas need to be understood for the further development of your business.


  • Who are your customers?
  • What do they plan to buy from your website?
  • How frequently does your target audience visit your website?


 Identify Your Customers and Make the Most Out of Them


Who: Find out the gender of your customer along with their occupation, age, and marital status. This helps a business in direct sales to its target audience.


What: What products are the customers looking to buy? You need to understand their budget and choices. This helps you present the right product.


Why: You need to understand why your customer is looking to buy your product and services.


When: Keep track of when your customer is buying the product. Specifically speaking, at what time are you making the purchase? The chances of conversion increase if you are approaching the customer at their preferred time.


Four Steps to Digital Transformation Consulting Services in the eCommerce Industry


There are five important steps you need to consider if you are going for a digital transformation in the eCommerce industry.

Identify and Define Your Business Goals

You need to approach digital transformation strategically to expect maximum profits and outcomes. Whenever you are trying to redesign your business you need should focus on the following areas:

  • You need to incorporate smart digital processes for the purpose of reducing costs, speeding up operations, and differentiating your services from each other.
  • Identify better end-user experiences for increasing customer retention and productivity.
  • You need to focus on robust operations and infrastructure for the purpose of better flexibility.
  • You also need to have some control over the analytics to gain workable insights.
  1. Give it your best shot for a customer experience strategy.


Customer experience is basically the end result of the efforts that you put in to make your customer satisfied. Good customer experience includes social connection, customer service, product quality, and lastly, the feedback services after the purchase. In this context, companies use various customer experience management tools. This helps to organize and track all customer interactions. This can be integrated with various other software solutions like content management systems, A/B testing tools, and usability testing tools.


Some of the most important customer experience management tools are:


Gainsight is a SaaS-based application that helps customers collect data from multiple sources and eventually turn it into workable insights.


Qualitrics is a software that gathers different customer feedback and helps them analyse each comment. This assists them to recommend actions that companies keep a record for continuous improvement.


Genesys Engage is a multi-cloud software solution that is perfect for large-scale businesses.


Zendesk: This is a customer engagement software that has an easy implementation. It is also easily scalable for the development of any business.


  1. Implement New Tech Solution

Businesses look forward to preparing for digital transformation. For customers, this will work beyond the implementation of new technologies and the old array of tools. These include artificial intelligence for different product recommendations, machine learning for automation, and IoT-enabled devices. These are crucial for protecting data safety and security for both customers and the business. Data storage is also shifting beyond traditional physical locations to the cloud. The new technologies work as fundamental blocks to balance the digital transformation ecosystem for on-demand services.


  1. Updating Customer Journey with Virtual Reality


This allows customers to experience all aspects of physical shopping virtually. Many top eCommerce businesses invest in technology tools to provide a customized experience. Furthermore, the implementation of virtual reality helps you get quick customer service. Also, business owners just need to know the rights application of AR/VR tools.


Solution Architecture


There are many B2B eCommerce platform solutions that you can consider for the ultimate growth of your business. Some of them are both cloud-based and on-premises. Magento is one of the exceptional yet powerful solutions that has a good Enterprise edition. This gives you the flexibility to self-host.


Magento Open Source: This is a free platform, that offers SMB’s basic functions that one needs to run an eCommerce store.

Magento eCommerce: Magento eCommerce development services have rich features and the ability to manage complex operations in eCommerce.

The Final Thought

All eCommerce companies follow some simple steps for an overall digital transformation. The crucial point is, that these steps are not static and they are quite supportive of the ongoing process. The important part of this is, that businesses keep learning and focusing on all these steps. This way the overall digital transformation consulting services give you a steady future.



1. What are the crucial areas of digital transformation?

Corporations are focused on organizational transformation through digital transformation. There are four types of digital transformation, such as process transformation, domain transformation, business model transformation, and cultural transformation.

 2.What is agile digital transformation?

Agile Digital Transformation is based on the proven fact that digital transformation happens only through continuous innovation. This innovation reflects radical changes in business models, and different capabilities are measured in several steps over a period of time.

 3.What are the key elements of digital transformation?

The business executives are digitally transforming key areas of their companies: Operational processes, customer experience, and business models. Each of these pillars has three individual elements which are continuously changing. Now, all these nine elements together form a building block for digital transformation.

4.Why do companies need digital transformation?

Digital transformation helps a company meet customer expectations and their demands from the organization’s services. This way, companies will survive in the future and see significant growth in revenue generation. It allows companies to compete in the phase of continuous technological advancement.

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