Top 5 Types of Magento 2 Theme Development in 2022

Magento 2 Themes

As the internet is continuously evolving, several websites are also increasing with time. The emerging trend of eCommerce tech solutions makes it easier to build websites, even if the developer does not have a coding background. There are many eCommerce platforms growing at a fast pace. One of the best platforms that developers use in building websites in Magento 2.

There are many factors you need to consider in the ultimate transformation of your website by the use of Magento 2. There are many Magento 2 themes which assist you in giving your eCommerce platform a great look. The themes of Magento 2 are customizable, which is an added advantage for reaching the maximum audience. Magento 2 theme development will further assist you in getting access to many Magento 2 templates. There are certain types of Magento 2 which help you with building your website matching your requirements for the platform. Some of the free Magento themes are:

Responsive layout: Themes are fully responsive designs which work on any of the devices, resolutions, or screen types.

Ease of use: You can install free themes of Magento in your Magento store with the help of detailed step-by-step guidelines.

Flexible theme settings: If you are using Magento 2 themes to develop your eCommerce platform, you can easily modify the look and feel of your eCommerce storefront.

Multi-lingual support: There are multiple languages developers use for an international audience.  

Top 5 Types of Magento 2 Themes for Website Development

There are several kinds of Magento 2 themes which you can incorporate into your website development process. Let’s take a deep dive into discussing the types of Magento 2 themes. The next piece of the article will provide an insight into the development of Magento 2 themes.

  1. Etrend

Many industries, starting from fashion and beauty, to a various baby or furniture products, use Etrend. It offers clean designs for developing websites, which makes it ideal for many businesses to give a great look to their platforms. Furthermore, Etrend gives access to detailed documentation, one-click installation, and pre-installed blocks. By accessing these features of Etrend, Magento 2 developers can start developing the website without having any coding knowledge. A few more features of Etrend are as follows:

  • Scroll-to-the-top navigation
  • One-click installation
  • The social sharing button
  • Multi-language support
  • Product custom tabs
  • Sales & new label
  1. StereoCar

This theme is specifically designed for developing car accessories. It gives a modern yet professional feeling to the store owners, allowing them to gain the trust of the customers. The theme also draws the attention of your visitor’s attention by showcasing up-to-date products on the landing page. Moreover, the configurable swatches of the theme make colour variations of the testing product much easier. A few features of the theme include:

  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Premium product page design
  • Configurable swatches
  • PSD files, which are included to design creative banners faster.
  1. Orson

Orson helps many website owners across fashion brands with a collection of 9 Orson UI designs for the landing page. As the theme is free, Orson offers users plenty of options in the theme aspects. Customization of the themes, starting from fonts, and colours, to the background of the website without the need to use a single code. There are several extensions, pre-integrated into the theme. These are testimonials, store locators, promo banners, and many more. Some of the interesting features of the theme include:

  • Powerful customization with just one click
  • Multiple custom fonts and Google fonts are available.
  • Social share button
  • Unlimited colours
  1. Next

Next, one of the most user-friendly themes is perfectly designed for the electronic industry, including mobile and TV online stores and digital platforms. Next, offers professional yet classy UI designs that are carefully hand-coded. With a unique block design, Next assists you in creating captivating designs. It helps you to showcase your website in the best way. A few more unique features of this theme are:

  • Auto demo content installation
  • Unique block design
  • SEO-friendly
  • Promotion bar
  • Sales & New Label
  1. Pixtron

With its easy yet classy layout, Pixtron is an interesting theme, specially designed for digital and electronic stores. It offers responsiveness with a lot of features that assist you in finding Auto Demo content install, promotion bar, support for multi-language and many more. Some crucial features include:

  • A Unique Block Design
  • Promotion Bar
  • New & Sale product label
  • Auto Demo Content Install
  • Mobile-first optimized
  • Cross-browser compatibility

How Do Magento 2 Themes Affect SEO?

Even a few days ago, SEO was not a tough task. Just incorporate a few keywords and a few links used to rank your website high. However, nowadays, with the evolution of the latest trends in SEO, big brands need to put their efforts into overall optimization for the purpose of getting desired results. Sometimes, even if the content quality is good, a website fails to rank higher because of unattractive themes, designs, and templates. Therefore, for a good ranking of the website, enhancing the overall look of your site matters a lot.

Closing Thoughts

Therefore, these Magento 2 themes will give an attractive look to your website. The more your store looks good, the more chances there will be of drawing the attention of maximum traffic. Though themes are not the only factor, they have a close connection with SEO for better performance of the website.


  1. How can I create a theme?

To create a theme, follow these steps:

  • Open the Theme dropdown menu near the top of the right side of the Theme Editor.
  • Click Create New Theme.
  • In the New Theme dialog, enter a name for the new theme.
  • In the Parent theme name list, click on the parent from which the theme inherits initial resources.

2. What is a module in Magento 2?

A module is a logical group – that is, a directory containing blocks, controllers, helpers, models – that are related to a specific business feature. In keeping with Magento’s commitment to optimal modularity, a module encapsulates one feature and has minimal dependencies on other modules.

3. What is the use of view xml in Magento 2?

xml. In this file, frontend related properties can be configured i.e. size of product images. Also a custom ID of image can be added here with its size and then this image can be generated in PHP.

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