Warehouse Management Solution in E-Commerce: Guideline to Consider Before Opting

E-commerce is quickly shaping as the most preferred way of doing business for both startups and established brands that were operating through offline model. The global e-commerce sales reached USD 6 trillion in 2021 and are expected to cross the mark of USD 10 trillion by 2025. Today, everything is available through online mode, from groceries to pharmaceuticals, banking services to education, and consumer goods to luxury products. As customers are looking to buy different products online, their expectations for variety, and convenience are also increasing. With the exponential growth, companies are opting for Magento eCommerce development as a new marketing and sales strategy.

At the same time, efforts are being made to achieve operational efficiencies to elevate the customer experience while adding features. To maintain an omnichannel presence, brands have set up multiple warehouses and manage a complex chain.

Factors of Selecting a Multiple Warehouse Management

This is impossible to perform manually, and hence, there is an undeniable need for a multi-warehouse management solution to automate several aspects of Warehouse Management Solution. But before opting for a multiple warehouse management system, certain key factors must be checked.


Automated inventory synchronization can enable you to manage orders and multi-channel distribution with better efficacy. Thus, first and foremost, the multi-warehouse management system of your choice should provide a centralized view and control of the inventory.

Not only the inventory turnover of each SKU in your multiple warehouses be accounted for, excessive stock and stock-out situations should be recorded and notified. Centralization allow you to pass stock from overstocked locations to stock-out locations, guaranteeing minimal order delays and cancellations.

Real-Time and Customizable Reporting

In addition, you need real-time information regarding what’s going on in your warehouse network to manage stock inventory. You need a filter to view which stock units are in demand and which haven’t moved at all, geographic variations, and seasonal trends. The solution should also generate customizable reports to analyze inventory status and strategize warehouse utilization.

You can opt Magento enterprise development services to select warehouse management system to achieve this, as the information remains easily accessible and available in real-time. Furthermore, you have feature to run day-to-day operations with dynamic dashboards.

Shipping and Logistics Integration

A large volume of the operational cost of an e-commerce business involves shipping and logistics. Therefore, another factor to boost multiple warehouse management is how well your eCommerce website system integrates with shipping and logistics aggregators. In doing so, you can capitalize on the current logistic network and shipping efficiencies without additional efforts.

Furthermore, strategic integration between warehouse and logistics can grow your order fulfillment efficiency and lower data duplication within the system.

Virtual Warehouse Management Solution

Unutilized warehouse space increases your inventory carrying cost and burdens operational cost, even when you run a network of multiple warehouses to meet market demand. You need a Magento-based warehouse management solution that offers a complete virtual view of warehouse space to support planning and allocation.

Inventory thus stocked can have better visibility and accessibility, ultimately improving B2B ecommerce platform services. At the same time, the order processing time is reduced significantly, leading to delightful customer experiences.

Accountability and Quality Control

The stock maintained in warehouses and logistics pipelines is vulnerable to damage, and theft. And customers receiving such stock return the product and walk away with a negative brand experience. This is where the need of regular quality checks and standards comes in to maintain your inventory health.

With barcode or QR code feature, quality control can be easily implemented across multiple warehouses at minimal cost. You can easily avoid fulfilling orders with defective stock and replace them with quality stock. If multiple warehouse inventory management software can do this for you, millions can be saved in returns and inventory value loss.

Returns and Exchange Management

Products returns and exchange is a highly-important part of the e-commerce business, which, if left unchecked, can significantly reduce sales and overall performance. Thus, you need to hire certified Magento developer to integrate warehouse inventory management solution to regularize the returns and exchange process.

There should be a proper log of returned or exchanged products, their dispatch and receipt warehouse locations, and proper actions taken. At the same time, you should be receiving customer behavior insights to minimize product returns for long term success.

Magento 2 – Your Go-to Multichannel Inventory Management Solution

Wrapping Up

In sum, you can make sure that your multiple warehouse network is properly managed by leveraging these factors before opting for warehouse inventory management solution. Through smart automation, reporting, and integration, brands can integrate Magento inventory solutions to boost e-commerce sales as well as consistently deliver on the brand’s promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Magento manage inventory?

Inventory management for Magento Commerce helps retailers with single to multiple stores, warehouses, pickup, drop-ship locations control sales quantities and handle shipments to fulfill orders.

  1. What is Magento MSI?

Multi Source Inventory (MSI) is the outstanding feature of Magento 2.3. 0 version. With the support of Magento 2 MSI, it is easier for the store merchants to control their single or multi-channel inventories and sale channels.

  1. What is the main benefits of Warehouse Management System?

The WMS will benefit their operational efficiency for both labor and physical space by monitoring work processes at various levels, enhancing productivity, and increasing asset utilization. Warehouse Management Solution automation assists with inventory control in a way that improves accuracy, throughput, and speed.

  1. Do you assure about security & confidentiality of the website idea?

Yes, we sign a strict NDA to protect your website idea & data. Hence, we ensure complete security and privacy of your Magento website development project.

  1. How much time is needed to integrate warehouse features in ecommerce website?

The time to integrate WMS in a website is based on several factors ranging from features, scalability, hosting server and functionality.


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