Your Ultimate Guide To Hiring A Right Magento Developer

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Magento 2 is one of the most used open-source eCommerce website development platforms. It offers direct access to the source code to its users. Such platforms can get customized to all types of business needs. Therefore, it allows enterprises to scale up their business in no time.

If you are looking for ways to develop a website on Magento, it is advisable to hire Magento developers from a trusted app development company. However, if you already have an existing website on Magento 2, it’s crucial to understand the complexities you face in managing your eCommerce website.

In this blog, we have curated a list of things every business must consider while availing Magento 2 eCommerce development services. Hiring a trusted, professional, and experienced developer will reduce the chances of the website getting crashed, stolen, or facing cyber threats. The process may seem tricky, but be patient and follow the steps we’ve mentioned here.

So, let’s get started with understanding the process of choosing the best Magento development company in India.  

The importance of hiring a Magento developer in India

Unlike WordPress and other website development platforms, Magento is a completely technical tool. Therefore, it requires expert assistance with an in-depth knowledge of website development on Magento.

If you already have a website on Magento 2 and looking for Magento data migration services, these expert developers can do that for you hassle-freely. Giant companies like Coca-Cola and Ford use Magento for their websites. Also, researchers claim that business owners with Magento websites will see growth 3% faster than other website platforms. After all, the platform handles transactions of $155 billion every year!

How to hire a Magento-certified developer?  

Before you choose a Magento front-end development expert, here are a few things you must work upon:

The purpose and goal

The primary step is to list down your goal and purpose for hiring Magento 2 developers. It will help you plan your Magento website development effectively. In addition, when everyone working on the project have their goals pre-defined, they intend to do better. Also, with a clear purpose, it gets easier for you to make the developer understand your preferences, demands, and needs. Make sure you convey everything precisely and avoid any communication barriers.

Plan a budget

Spending money is not a big deal, but using it for a valuable cause is where many businesses fail. Investing money without tracking it is never a wise decision. Therefore, before you hire a developer, make sure to think about the budget you can allocate them. After the completion of your project, this planning will help you keep track of the entire process. If you are not sure about the price ranges, ask a trusted developer or consult any well-renowned Magento app development company. They will quote a price after carefully listening to your website’s demands, and needs.

Check the records and project itinerary

The next step is to allocate the budget to your project. This time, talk to your Magento developer about their short-term and long-term goals. Also, ask them to give you an estimate of the budget to accomplish the entire task.

The reimbursement plans

Discuss with your developer the plans regarding the payment schedule before getting started. It is advisable to keep the payment account on the short-term goals they achieve. It will ease the work, and they will feel rewarded after the completion of each task. Also, speak about the reimbursement plan to avoid any budget fixes or miscommunication later. Every company or individual has different payment policies, and it is best to understand that of the developer you hired.

Enable the hiring process

So, your Magento developer is ready to work on the budget you estimated and in the given timeline. Will you hire them? No! There is more homework required. Before moving forward, ask other professionals too. You can consult a well-experienced company or developer to test the abilities of the developer you shortlisted. This practice will save you from hiring unprofessional developers and avoid unnecessary problems.

The engagement models

An engagement model involves the principal steps and paths before completing a successful website on the Magento platform. It includes a virtual development lab, dedicated development center, global resourcing, and more.

Keep track of the progress

No matter how experienced the Magento developer you hired, always make sure to keep track of the improvements of your developer. Seek help from various project management software like Basecamp, Asana, and more. Additionally, use reporting tools to have reports of accomplished functions in an understandable format.

Website response time

Website response time is a vital measure to check the success rate of the developed website. The faster your website loads, the more people will visit it and stay on the page. On the other hand, a slow-loading website will result in losing potential customers and loss of business.

After development services

Lastly, ask for the support services for your website. A professional Magento website development company will offer aftercare services to ensure you have a highly-functional website even after years of services.


A Magento developer offering Magento migration services and Magento 2 extension development, must be a certified professional with all the CMS development skills and knowledge of programming languages.

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How do you identify a good Magento developer?

  • Look for their previous reviews and customer feedback
  • Get references from their previous clients
  • Check their work portfolios and credentials
  • Explain your requirements in an easy way
  • Take a sample test before hiring
  • Prefer a good communicator

What are the services offered by a Magento developer?

  • Magento 2 shopping cart development
  • Magento 2 extension development
  • Magento 2 speed optimization
  • Magento 2 theme design and integration
  • Magento 2 migration
  • Magento 2 integration

What is the role of a Magento developer?

Magento developers are responsible for developing, maintaining, and improving their client’s eCommerce websites.

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