12 Must-Have Features In An Online Furniture Store App

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If you are planning to develop an online furniture store app, this blog is a must-read.

Choosing the right furniture set and décor pieces that compliment your home, in the comfort of your house is a real technological advantage. People can now avoid wandering from store to store to find that one piece they are looking for. The right furniture help set the tone and blend with the interior and comfort of the home. The same has to be implied while developing an online furniture store app.

Today, there is a cluster of online furniture shopping options proving that B2B eCommerce platform businesses have burgeoned gaining the trust of the customers for decades now people no longer need to trudge in day and night chasing the article when everything can get shopped in a few clicks.

So, if you are planning to start with the home décor store development, then keep in mind that comfort is the foremost reason why any customer would get involved in your online furniture shopping. Therefore, in this blog, we shall discuss everything that you need to know about Magento customization services for furniture apps.

What are the features required in an online furniture store app?

When you visit a well-developed eCommerce website development or apps like IKEA and Amazon, you are welcomed to a multitude of options and panels to enjoy different services. For instance, you log into the app, use filters to ease the search errands, and browse through a range of cart options and payment methods. All these options add to the customer’s comfort, which they expect for obvious reasons.

In this cut-throat competition in the eCommerce furniture market, advanced features are not a big deal. It has become a necessity that should not be the idea if you are making your online furniture store. Let us now see the advanced features of online furniture mobile apps one shouldn’t miss out on:

Chatbot support

Online businesses are implementing chatbot options to guide their customers and light their way to address their queries and concerns. It is one of the major features of home furniture store design apps that you must consider incorporating to entertain the customers with all the answers related to your eCommerce app.

Push notifications

Push notifications are the app-kind-of a timely reminder that allows customers to keep a note of all the recent updates related to your products, sales, and everything required in the light of a furniture app. It is one of the crucial features of Magento app development, which keeps your customers updated on all the latest technologies budding in the world of furniture. Notification is an amazing tool that works as a reminder for the users on the new addition to furniture products. Therefore, it is a must-have feature to attract customers easily.

Smart search

It is one of the advanced features in furniture shopping apps that allow users to experience easy navigation in the app. This feature helps customers to search for the product they are looking for. Users need not type the name of the product they are searching for, instead, they can use their voice command and speak the name of your product. It makes it easy for the app to answer and saves the time of your customer typing each word of the furniture they are looking for.

In-app camera

Today, the smartphone camera is more than any selfie-centric feature for users. It has become one of the exciting and helpful features to consider at the time of online furniture store app development. When an online furniture store app has an in-built camera, it becomes easy for customers to click the photos of the furniture items, which they can come back to later. Users can make a video of the furniture to get an entire view of their desired set.

Smooth CRM system

CRM (Content Relationship Management) is a feature that refers to the various aspects of customer satisfaction. It deals with the ways of exchange that take place between the business and its customers. Bigger the amount of customer-concerned data it retains, the better the CRM system becomes understandable. It is one of the must-have features in any online furniture store mobile app development.

Efficient content management system

The content management system refers to an app that gets implemented by the apps to manage their web content while allowing several contributors to create, edit, and publish in the process. In simple words, this feature is known as the CMS system used to manage the composition and modification of digital content. Also, the home furnishing store development requires this feature to keep things in the limelight.

Multiple payment options

Flexibility is pivotal for customers when it comes to the payment mode that is available in any online furniture mobile app. It is an easy way to help users have all the luxuries of shopping. Online retailers cannot forget to host varied payment channels that include credit cards, UPIs, PayPal, wallet, and more. It helps prevent the event of customers running away and makes it easier for them to buy products.

Order management integration

Order management integration refers to a feature to use in your online furniture app development. This feature addresses the responsibility to track sales, orders, inventory, fulfillment, and more. This feature enables people, processes, and partnerships to reach customers hassle-freely.

Real-time dashboards and analytics  

With the help of real-time dashboards in their furniture store development, retailers can inspect, analyze, track, and report on the data of the company in real time with interactive data visualizations. It is the most useful feature when it comes to getting the most relevant operational data and makes it effortless to manage data consistently.

Multi-lingual and currency support

Online furniture store apps come in the category that sprawl across various regions of the world. Therefore, if your app fears the option of receiving payment in different currencies than the option for payment of the purchase, it gets easy for the customers. Remember that it’s a gesture that won’t go in vain and will not get forgotten by your customers.

Tax management

This feature is pivotal to include in the online furniture store app development process. This aspect helps minimizes tax liability. The eminent motive of incorporating tax management is to make sure your app has tax efficiency.

PIM integrations

Personal Information Manager refers to a function that has a grip on all the product-related information within the company and uses the same. This feature offers a 360-degree view of the product data too.


Online furniture store app requires a lot of planning and investment to stand out from the competition. If you are looking for ways to build a strategic, trendy, and highly-functional online eCommerce portal development app, we are here to help.

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What is a furniture app?

It refers to an app that allows customers to position 3D images of furniture in their interiors. It is an easy way to check whether a furniture set or décor piece will look good in the desired corner.

How long does it take to develop an online furniture store app?

It may take around 3-9 months to develop an app, depending on the complexity of the app and the preference of your project.

What are the most crucial things to consider to develop a mobile app?

  • Your goal
  • Your target audience
  • App design
  • Budget
  • Mobile platform
  • Minimum viable product
  • Updates
  • Developer Team


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