Strategic Tips To Boost Sales Of Your Health And Beauty Ecommerce Store

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The health and beauty industry has numerous growth opportunities in the digital landscape. Reports claim that e-Market, health, personal care, and beauty online retail industry may hit $85.50 billion in revenue this year.

Since health and beauty industry are considered essential requirements for online shoppers, the growth graph had a negligible impact for a long time. Although customer loyalty hasn’t changed, behavioral changes of customers are forcing retailers to evolve their eCommerce strategies and live up to the expectations of ever-evolving market trends and customer expectations.

The current market scenario  

Online retail sales of beauty products increased at a fleeting rate, covering 90% of total beauty spending. Reports also claim that wellness products had their lion’s share of online spending. For instance, hand sanitizer and soap online sales increased up to 262%, body wash- by 194%, and vitamins – by 166%.

However, the go-to source for people to buy health and beauty products had its impact, which brings us to the next topic to discuss. How can health and beauty retailers leverage eCommerce to serve customers effectively?

In this blog, we’ll discuss the top strategies that help eCommerce retailers address the ever-changing needs of health and beauty product consumers.

Top strategies to help the health and beauty industry meet future customer’s needs

Millennials are finding it difficult to connect with online businesses via a host of social channels and are switching to influencers to make their shopping decisions. As a result, companies are now looking for new ways to reach their audiences. For instance, YouTube sees 1.5 million beauty videos uploaded each month!

Looking at these statistics, we have curated a list of top-proven strategies, every health and beauty online retailer must follow:

Choose a well-assisted selling method

Simplifying your customer’s search needs by narrowing down their options without bombarding them with offers and hefty discounts is the most professional way to make a genuine sale impression. With a well-assisted selling technique, you can achieve quality sales with increased revenue growth for both in-store and online app stores.

Guided selling can get executed in various forms. It can be in a form of a questionnaire, quick quiz, interactive chatbot conversation, an AR-based engagement, and more. Consult a professional Magento development agency, well-versed with the ins and outs of market trends who can guide you with the best health and beauty eCommerce practices.

Loyalty programs

Health and beauty products like groceries, enjoy the benefits of falling under the category that requires replenishments. Such business forms require loyalty programs to work wonders on the sales graph. Encouraging people with rewards for the money they spend on buying your products will make your brand become a go-to option for the customers. The next time they will need monthly utilities, your eCommerce store will be their primary choice.

Help customers stock up with product bundles

When it comes to stocking up, essential goods are on the top-priority list. From food raw materials and sanitary products to health supplements and medicines, every family needs it to survive and maintain healthy hygiene. Bundling the products and offering discounts like buy 3 get 1, buy 2 get 50% off, and more avail free shipping. Such bundles also help with cross-selling and improve conversions, and average order values.

Create content to promote the products

Creating content on how to get a new look, trendy makeovers, health assistance, diet plans, and product reviews often drive people towards buying genuine products online. Using those content in the form of videos, articles, blogs, and social media posts and delivering it across multiple platforms can attract new customers to your website. You can also post shoppable videos on streaming websites like YouTube to influence the buyer’s mood to shop.

ECommerce website and app upgrade

Is your eCommerce platform flexible to quickly change according to market trends? If the answer is no, consider following the new-age customer’s demands. An eCommerce platform must facilitate a speedy development environment. To achieve it, hire certified Magento developers who can build new functionalities, integrate tools, and third-party systems to improve the online store and keep it trending. Additionally, the platform should be available in different forms to help businesses of all sizes conceive it. Many brands meet such big demands of their customers by simply upgrading to a robust eCommerce platform like Magento Commerce or Commerce Cloud.

Why choose Magento for an eCommerce store?

Magento marketplace helps online businesses evolve, adopt tech, and grow faster to meet the customer’s ever-evolving demands and expectations. Magento has the potential to build features that provide rich frontend experiences like UX personalization, loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, product bundling, building user-generated content like reviews, and more.

The platform also offers technical stability and scalability that helps enable eCommerce stores to grow adaptively


So far, we have understood the various tips and strategies to retain your old customers while attracting new ones. If you are new to the health and beauty eCommerce store business, we are here for your assistance. Get in touch with our expert Magento developers who can help you with all types of B2B web portal development services while ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.

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How do beauty products increase eCommerce store sales?

  • Start selling mid-size retail shops
  • Connect with the distributors
  • Generate online sales
  • Explore social networking platforms
  • Choose a unique and catchy logo
  • Connect with independent sales representatives
  • Participate in trade shows
  • Ask customers to leave a review on the website

How to market my health and beauty ecommerce business?

Follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Build a brand around your product list
  • Market the products on social media
  • Choose a brand ambassador on Instagram
  • Promote your health and beauty products with video content and graphics
  • Hire a marketing expert for hassle-free, strategical approaches

Why is digital marketing crucial for the health and beauty industry?

Besides convincing and persuading the customers, digital marketing is crucial for health and beauty products building the brand image. Customer reviews, testimonials, and new video content are used by marketing experts to ensure effective brand building and influence the buyers to buy your products.



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