Top 10 Online Grocery Apps to Meet Customers Daily Needs

Online Grocery Apps

In recent years, online grocery shopping has become quite popular in India. More and more individuals are turning to online platforms to meet their grocery demands as a result of the advancement of technology and the convenience it offers. The top 10 online grocery apps and websites that have transformed the way Indians buy groceries are covered in this blog. 

App Development for Online Grocery Shopping 

Beginnings Early 

Early in the new millennium, a few businesses emerged in India that offered a small selection of products and delivery services. 

  • These early adopters had several difficulties, including limited infrastructure and a lack of consumer trust, which originally hampered the industry’s expansion. 

Technological progress 

The increased usage of smartphones and technological improvements have made online grocery shopping applications far more sophisticated and user-friendly. 

  • The exponential rise of online grocery shopping in India has been facilitated by the addition of features like tailored suggestions, simple navigation, and frictionless payment methods. 


Benefits of Online Grocery Shopping


Saving time convenience

The opportunity to save time is one of the major benefits of utilizing online grocery apps. Customers may browse the app and add goods to their virtual cart without having to travel to the shop and negotiate busy aisles. 

  • People may concentrate their time on other critical activities instead of the burden of dragging around big food bags when they use doorstep delivery services. 

Large Selection of Products

Platforms for online food shopping provide a wide selection of goods. Before making a purchase, customers may research other brands, evaluate costs, and read product reviews. 

  • Additionally, these platforms often include niche and foreign goods that may not be easily accessible in nearby retailers, therefore meeting the different demands of customers. The eCommerce website development cost in India highly depends on the work and the approach that a client need.

Expense Savings 

Numerous applications for online grocery apps provide special offers, discounts, and loyalty programs that enable users to save money on their purchases. 

Customers may simply locate the greatest deals and make educated selections thanks to the option to compare costs across several platforms. Hire a dedicated developer for expense saving and another requirement of the projects. 

Hygienic and contactless shopping

Due to contactless delivery options and less COVID-19 exposure risk, online food shopping grew in popularity throughout the epidemic. eCommerce portfolio is dependent on the contactless shopping experience 

Customers are reassured about the security of their goods because of the strict safety procedures employed by these applications, such as routinely sanitizing packaging and adherence to hygiene rules. 

Utilization of an app for online grocery shopping


City Convenience 

Online Grocery apps have grown in popularity, particularly among city residents who may not have the opportunity to routinely visit real supermarkets due to their hectic schedules. 

Their routine is substantially simplified, and they gain valuable time, thanks to the ease of having groceries delivered to their home at a time of their choosing. 

Remote Reach

Apps for online food shopping are not only available in cities. They have also spread to rural regions of India, providing convenience to those living there when physical shops may be hard to find or difficult to access. Grocery app development plays a major role in the development of the remote search. 

These applications support the economic development of rural areas and provide residents with additional options by bridging the gap between rural customers and a broad selection of items. 

Boosting Small-Local Businesses

Contrary to common assumptions, local shops may also profit from online grocery shopping applications. Numerous applications have partnered with neighborhood shops, enabling them to access a larger client base and grow their company. The best Mobile app development company in Gurgaon helps their clients in boosting sales. 

This win-win partnership makes it possible for physical and online merchants to coexist, giving consumers a rich and varied shopping experience.  

Sustainable Techniques 

By adopting eco-friendly packaging, supporting organic items, and aggressively lowering food waste, certain online grocery shopping applications in India have made progress towards sustainability. Best grocery app development solutions are presented by the Magento eCommerce. 

These applications help create a more environmentally friendly future and increase consumer knowledge of the value of sustainability by motivating customers to make environmentally responsible decisions.  

Top 10 Online Grocery Shopping Apps & Websites in India  


Big Basket  

Big Basket

Big Basket is a well-known online grocery shopping site in India, renowned for its wide selection of goods and dependable support. It provides clients with a flawless purchasing experience because of its user-friendly UI. 

  • A huge selection of food items, such as dairy goods, spices, fresh fruits and veggies, and more. 
  • The highest quality goods are purchased from reliable companies and neighborhood merchants. 
  • Customers get exciting promotions and discounts to increase their savings. 
  • Smooth and user-friendly mobile app and website with a simple UI. 

The delivery time is: 

Big Basket guarantees prompt order delivery, with the majority of deliveries occurring within a few hours. eCommerce website designs provide the simplicity of selecting an appropriate delivery window and improve the customer experience overall. 



Another well-known online grocery-buying website that has become quite popular in India is Grofers. It meets the demands of customers daily by providing a huge selection of goods at affordable costs. 

  • a big selection of food, home goods, cosmetics, and other stuff. 
  • To provide clients with the greatest savings, special offers, and discounts are applied to several products. 
  • Users may discover their selected items easily with the aid of simple search and filter tools. 
  • offers a “Smart Bachat Club” membership subscription plan for special advantages and savings. 

The delivery time is: 

Grofers guarantees quick order fulfillment, with the majority of deliveries being completed in a matter of hours. Many clients choose it since same-day delivery is an option for those with pressing demands. 



An easy and simple shopping experience is what Blinkit, a new online grocery shopping app from India, intends to provide. Its main goal is to provide high-quality goods at reasonable costs. 

  • Numerous grocery goods, such as essentials, snacks, drinks, and more. 
  • on obtaining natural and fresh items to satisfy clients’ health requirements. 
  • For loyal clients, there are fun awards and a loyalty program. 
  • Easily navigable UI that is intuitive and user-friendly. 

The delivery time is: 

Most items are delivered within 24 to 48 hours thanks to Blinkit’s quick delivery service. To improve convenience, customers may plan their desired delivery time. 



Zepto is a trustworthy online grocery shopping platform that provides a wide selection of items to fulfill clients’ everyday requirements. It seeks to advance cost and convenience in food purchasing. 

  • a wide range of consumables, including dairy products, bread goods, fresh fruit, and more. 
  • Deals and discounts are often updated to help clients save money. 
  • For a more efficient shopping experience, there is an option to generate personalized shopping lists. 
  • An easy-to-use UI makes for seamless navigation. 

The delivery time is: 

Orders are often delivered within 2-4 hours because of Zepto’s commitment to speedy service. The convenience is increased by having real-time order tracking available. 

Amazon Pantry 

Amazon Pantry

Customers in India may purchase a variety of food goods through Amazon Pantry, a division of the well-known eCommerce company. It provides a wide range of items, dependability, and ease. 

  • a big selection of food items, home goods, cosmetics, and other items. 
  • “Amazon Pantry Monthly” is a subscription-based program that offers extra savings and advantages. 
  • Easy-to-use interface with powerful search capabilities for finding required goods. 
  • Options for quick and dependable delivery are accessible to Prime members. 

The delivery time is: 

In the majority of locations, Amazon Pantry delivers items in 1-2 days. Faster shipping choices are a bonus for Prime members. 

 Nature’s Basket  

 Nature's Basket

Customers looking for high-end, gourmet, and foreign goods may buy groceries online at Nature’s Basket, a prestigious website. It concentrates on giving its customers an opulent shopping experience. 

  • A carefully curated variety of international goods, high-end cheeses, and more. 
  • collaborations with well-known chefs to supply cooking inspiration and ideas. 
  • To pamper clients, exclusive deals and discounts are offered on quality goods. 
  • a user-friendly interface that includes thorough product descriptions to help consumers make educated purchases. 

The delivery time is: 

Orders are promptly delivered by Nature’s Basket, and they typically arrive in 1-3 days. The convenience is increased by the availability of real-time order tracking. 

Swiggy Instamart 

Swiggy Instamart

The well-known name in food delivery, Swiggy, has expanded the scope of its offerings to include online grocery shopping via Swiggy Instamart. It offers a trustworthy solution for grocery requirements because of its extensive delivery network. 

  • wide selection of food items, including snacks, kitchenware, and food. 
  • choices for quick delivery to guarantee client satisfaction. 
  • a user-friendly design with simple search and navigation options. 
  • For a unified experience, seamless integration with the current Swiggy app is required. 

The delivery time is: 

With the majority of purchases being delivered on the same day, Swiggy Instamart strives for prompt delivery. The specific delivery time is disclosed at the time of purchase. 

Paytm Mall  

Paytm Mall

A complete online shopping destination, Paytm Mall is an offshoot of the well-known mobile money network Paytm and offers a large selection of supermarket items. It has become more well-known in the Indian industry because of its streamlined UI and safe payment choices. 

  • a wide range of food products, including essentials, snacks, drinks, and more. 
  • Deals and cashback are offered regularly to maximize savings. 
  • Options for safe and easy payments, including connection with the Paytm Wallet. 
  • Personalized suggestions based on user choices and an intuitive UI. 

The delivery time is: 

With the majority of purchases being processed in a matter of hours, Paytm Mall strives for prompt delivery. Multiple delivery times are available, which increases convenience. 



A prominent chain of physical supermarkets in India called DMart has added online food shopping to its list of offerings. Through its online platform, it wants to provide consumers with a hassle-free buying experience. 

  • Numerous options for food, home goods, cosmetics, and other items. 
  • Offers and discounts that are only available to internet customers. 
  • a user-friendly website and app that allows for easy navigation and search possibilities. 
  • Strong delivery network assuring prompt order delivery. 

 The delivery time is: 

Fast delivery is guaranteed by DMart Online Grocery Shopping, with the majority of purchases arriving within a few hours. Real-time order tracking significantly improves the entire user experience. 

Reliance Smart  


Reliance Smart, a Reliance Retail company, is a complete online grocery shopping platform with a large selection of goods. It provides a comfortable shopping experience and places a high priority on client happiness. 

  • a huge selection of groceries, dairy goods, fresh fruit, and other items. 
  • exciting sales and discounts on a limited selection of items to increase savings. 
  • Easily navigable UI with thorough product and dietary details. 
  • Multiple payment methods are available, including cash on delivery. 

The delivery time is: 

Reliance Smart strives to fulfill orders quickly, with the majority of deliveries occurring in a matter of hours. During checkout, customers may choose the desired delivery window. 

Wrapping Up! 

Online grocery apps have completely changed how people buy food in India. These platforms have become a crucial part of the everyday lives of millions of Indians due to their time-saving convenience, large selection of items, cost savings, and applicability in both urban and rural locations.  Top Magento eCommerce website development company in Gurgaon helps in online grocery shopping that is anticipated to grow and improve the entire shopping experience for customers as technology continues to advance. 



Does a minimum purchase amount apply? 

To qualify for delivery, certain applications can have a minimum order quantity. Check the terms and conditions as they are often presented in the app or on the website. 

  • Can my order be tracked? 

Yes, the majority of applications provide you the option to follow the progress of your purchase. This information is often available in the app, and you can get updates as your purchase develops. 

  • What if I wish to exchange something? 

The majority of the time, you may use the app to ask for a return or refund if you get an item that is broken or inaccurate. For details on how to start a return, go to the app’s return policy. 


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