Chatbot support

It is one of the major features of home furniture store design apps that you must consider incorporating to entertain the customers with all the answers related to your eCommerce app.

Push notifications

Push notifications are the app-kind-of a timely reminder that allows customers to keep a note of all the recent updates related to your products, sales, and everything required in the light of a furniture app.

Smart search

It is one of the advanced features in furniture shopping apps that allow users to experience easy navigation in the app. This feature helps customers to search for the product they are looking for.

In-app camera

Today, the smartphone camera is more than any selfie-centric feature for users. It has become one of the exciting and helpful features to consider at the time of online furniture store app development.

Smooth CRM system

Bigger the amount of customer-concerned data it retains, the better the CRM system becomes understandable. It is one of the must-have features in any online furniture store mobile app development.

Efficient content management system

The content management system refers to an app that gets implemented by the apps to manage their web content while allowing several contributors to create, edit, and publish in the process.

Multiple payment options

Flexibility is pivotal for customers when it comes to the payment mode that is available in any online furniture mobile app. It is an easy way to help users have all the luxuries of shopping.

Order management integration

Order management integration refers to a feature to use in your online furniture app development. This feature addresses the responsibility to track sales, orders, inventory, fulfillment, and more.

Real-time dashboards and analytics

With the help of real-time dashboards in their furniture store development, retailers can inspect, analyze, track, and report on the data of the company in real time with interactive data visualizations.

Multi-lingual and currency support

Online furniture store apps come in the category that sprawl across various regions of the world. Therefore, if your app fears the option of receiving payment in different currencies than the option for payment of the purchase