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Retail selling has seen a big transition in the recent years as multiple selling channels have become a common concept. The transition has increased the opportunities for selling through online and offline channels. But this change has also brought some challenges related to business decision-making as data becomes scattered and difficult to analyze. There is need to look for relevant business intelligence software solutions to ease up the process of collecting the information, analyzing it, and using it for decision-making.

Your Challenges

The success of a retail enterprise is largely dependent upon the customer experience it offers. Data plays a role in this context as it forms the foundation of the crucial marketing strategies. There are certain challenges related to data handling as the pool of customer data is a huge one. Similarly, it is not easy to analyze this information and use it for strategic planning. Here are some common problems you may come across:

  • Problems related to data volume, velocity, and variety
  • Lack of alignment between business objectives and IT functionalities
  • Inability to make accurate predictions based on data trends
  • Absence of aggregated data from multiple sources
  • Less understanding of customers and their shopping experience
  • Absence of real-time reports to show business changes
  • Challenges related to administration of analytics and security of the vital business information

Business Intelligence technology unlocks the solutions for numerous business avenues including BI analytics. A high-quality, scalable, and reliable IT solution can be availed for overcoming all the challenges related to BI analytics for retail & logistics.

Our Solution

Magento India harnesses the most advanced business technologies to create a top- notch business analytics solution for taking your enterprise to the next level. This high-tech software aggregates information across diverse channels and leverages the big data to get valuable insights for your business. It enables you to identify the core problem areas and plan long-term strategies to find new opportunities for growth. Here are some of the best features you can avail with the solution:

Our Solution
  • Comprehensive reports for products, sales, customers, inventory, and shipments
  • Consolidation and analysis of the useful information from various sources
  • Advanced analytics for forecasting of sales and inventory
  • Data visualization through interactive dashboards
  • Data warehousing and mining
  • KPIs for performance standards

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