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Magento India Redefines the Consumer Goods and Retail Industries Towards the Benefit of Global Services

The commerce today paces with the fast moving world. The consumers have moved to the virtual world wherein they browse and purchase through the web, mobile commerce, social channels, and physical stores as well. It is a necessity for the retailers to link with these omnichannel shoppers by living up to their expectations through secure, quick, customized web and mobile experiences.


We, at Magento India, stay loyal as the service providers and help to meet your industry's challenges. We build convenient and innovative shopping experiences to the customers so that you may earn their loyalty and thereby more return on investment.

Serving Different Business Segments since years together

We always thrive to parallel the consumer trends with the advancing technology. Our constant efforts lie towards to be informed, engaged and provide services in such a way that our clients are never left behind.

We have our digital footage which envelopes a wide range of industries namely electrical and electronic products, IT and telecoms, Toys and Games, Textiles, Apparels, Pharmacy, and Food.

Gain Business Intelligence

Simplify your business and provide real-time global Internet traffic data through outsourcing the content delivery network (CDN) infrastructure. Gain intelligence in business and go global with us like never ever before.

Branding your Business

Marketing in a simple way is all about the data, insights, and ROI through it. We manage data to create an Enterprise digital marketing, offer social collaboration, interactive marketing, marketing analysis, and help to brand your business.

Web Portal Solutions

Achieve a better bottom-line result by replacing an Excel-sheet based promotion planning tool with a Web Portal enveloping plans, approvals, executed campaigns, and its evaluation. Maximize your online order value through the implementation of streamlined customer e-loyalty system.

Warehouse Management System

Avail a customized warehouse management system as per your retail business value and manage the shop-floor efficiently. We handle bugs, enhancements to all the applications used by the retail and commerce business units.

Personalized Experience

Carry your business to the global level, manage the peak online demand, scale seasonal web traffic instantly, maintain the website and mobile application performance to give that personal experience for each consumer across a range of browsers, devices, and carriers.



Specialities of Consumer Goods and Retail Website


Engage the Customers

The customers accept personal and relevant offers such as location-based mobile device, targeted e-mail marketing, and personalised online shopping.



Empower the employees

The optimized solutions as per the role carried by the employees help them to come out with an outstanding service and collaborate with ease. The right ambiance engages the employees and facilitates the retailers to deliver the personalized and differentiated customer service.

Optimization of operations

We understand shopping and market insights to deliver the best end-to-end business process, CRM and ERP solutions customized and suited to any kind of retail environment.


Go Mobile and Social

We help you create a culture of innovation by making it easier for the people to connect, share, and work together across the organization and make business beyond the geographical boundaries.

Our Portfolio

We are a leading Magento development company that has completed a large number of projects till date.

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