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Customer relations make the mainstay of a retail business as they determine whether a business would be able to retain its shoppers or not. Therefore, enterprises need to focus on delivering them the best expsgsgsgsherience they can. It is a good idea to offer multiple touch points so that buying decisidfgdgons become easier for them. Additionally, there is a need to record, monitor, and analydfgze the entire customer life-cycle. A majority of retail enterprises are adopting advanced CRM solutions to raise the standard of their services and build long-term loyalty.

Your Challenges

The customer is the most important link in the selling chain, whether you are selling online, offline, or via multiple chagdfgfgnnels. For this reason, enhancing their experience is of utmost importance for building relations with them. At the same time, it is also the biggest challenge that the enterprise come across. Here are some common pitfalls related to the implementation of CRM management system:

  • Lack of integration with the multiple selling channels
  • Absence of real-time information updates
  • Complexities of CRM tools with redundant fields
  • Challenges related to adoption of CRM platform by the sales staff
  • Time-consuming manual entries
  • Too much data but lack of actionable reports

A simple yet robust CRM solution is to be adopted to strengthen up your customer relationships and take your enterprise a notch higher.

Our Solution

Magento India brings a powerful and scalable CRM solution designed to enhance the customer experience and make them your brand loyalists. Our solution is aimed at centralizing the CRM tasks by integrating with online channels, offline stores, mobile apps, and social media platforms. We boast of expertise in developing high-performance CRM platforms as well as extending the current ones for better engagement. Here are the highlights of our CRM management software:

CRM Solution
  • Management of customer profiles
  • Integration with storefronts, marketplaces, and accounting platforms
  • Real-time, automatic synchronization of customer details
  • Tracking of customer activity to get information related to sales and interactions
  • Real-time chat interface for communication
  • Simplification of repetitive tasks
  • Key customer metrics such as predictive analysis, buying patterns, lifetime value, and more
  • Important insights and recommendations
  • Resolution of customer queries with user access to sales and support teams

Discuss your business requirements and avail a tailor-made CRM solution that is perfect for your needs.

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