The Necessity of Magento Audit

The discovery of weak sides of your Magento store with regular check-ups and updates lead to enhanced security and better performance. It is time to audit the store when you may encounter any one or all of the shortcomings in your website.

  • Malfunction of the upgrades
  • Low speed of front-end or back-end work
  • Website crash during traffic spikes
  • Non-appreciable level of interactivity
  • Excessive cost of maintenance
  • Code architecture incompatible for upgrades
  • Issues in adding new features
  • Frivilous activity of any store’s features
  • Lack of proper theme implementation
  • Need to assess the security patch installations
  • Pro-actively identify problems
  • Ensure site’s performance

Advantages of Magento Audit

  • Error-free Magento store
  • Reliable store services
  • Boost website performance
  • Improve website traffic
  • Boost content marketing strategy
  • Completley managed website
  • Make customers happy
  • Generate the desired ROI

Our Magento Audit Services Expertise

Our Code analysts help you to have a better understanding of the best practices, data entry process implemented in the development of your website, identify any damaging or potentially damaging issues for the business flow, its solutions and services. Even if the website is working well, a regular audit helps you to gain valuable ideas for future plans, enhance sales and conversion drivers.

Our in-depth analysis includes:
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    Complete inspection of core files:

    We target base theme and core class files and review completely to possess a clear visibility which facilitates future upgrades. Further, we review if any changes were done.

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    Database Inspection:

    We inspect manually created database tables and/or columns with the core Magento tables to acknowledge performance restriction (if any) as we don’t find appropriate Magento install or update script for this.

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    Custom theme inspection:

    Running a PHP_CodeSniffer reports any possible error type violations in the code that might have happened during customization of theme and facilitates easy upgrade in future.

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    Inspect front-end issue:

    Inspect for potential front-end JavaScript and invalid HTML layout issues in the standard web pages like Homepage, Category page, Cart page, Login page, and, etc.

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    Inspect 3rd party extensions:

    Running a PHP_CodeSniffer reports an error type violations in the code. Further, we outline the available extensions for latest Magento versions which allows smooth upgrade in future.

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    Rule out extensions conflict:

    There may be every possibility that several extensions overrides the same model, class files, or so. A careful review avoid functionality clash and/or unwanted bugs.

Search Engines are never constant as they are updated frequently and it is a must that the websites sustain these in order to maintain consistency in visibility. A good quality website accommodates very well with the everchanging crawl rules. Moreover, though Magento is optimised for SEO, there are options for configurations. Thus, we check for the most common SEO configurations (such as Homepage title of Magento Store, Store Description, Default Keywords, Index, Logo ALT title, Follow and Canonical Issues, Categories Path for Product URLs, Sitemap.xml, Products meta data and URL key, Categories meta data, page title, WWW vs non-WWW, and, so forth).

Our precise investigative and analytical approach help you in optimising search engine ranking and anticipate high ROI with marketing initiatives and efforts.

Our in-depth analysis includes:
  • Check working condition of SEO configuration
  • On-site duplicate content issues
  • Off-site duplicate content issues
  • URL analysis and its optimization
  • Track quality of optimized and cloned content
  • Focus on Google rich snippets
  • W3C standard checking
  • Review Google webmaster and Google Analytics
  • Structuring of interlinks
  • Monitoring of Google Algorithm effects
  • Analyze website speed and performance
  • Insight into Google’s page speed

The usability of web relates to its efficiency or the performance which influences sales trigger and other valuable transactions. It is necessary to analyse the shop features and its implementation across the mobile and desktop. We care for the most common and important features like searching, login, registering, adding products to cart, checkout, and, etc., suggest enhancements as per the current trends and standards.

Our in-depth analysis includes:
  • Review of the technical issues and the bottlenecks that influences the load time of the website.
  • Review the use of e-mail across the website like triggered e-mail, post-purchase e-mails, segmentation, customer views, and, more.
  • Product review analysis like existing use of product reviews, platform review, its process, strategy for aquisition, and, etc.
  • Desktop and mobile user tests and analysis
  • Analysis of users’ navigation, identification of the barriers or the blockers
  • Sorting out positioned products, non-influential search results, product recommendations, upsells, and, etc.
  • Generate insights into user interaction.
  • Review page templates
  • Enhance call to action steps

Why choose us to audit your site?

  • We are experts Our in-depth expertise in Magento, as well as a successful track record, makes us specialists in this domain.
  • Seasoned developer team We have a team of seasoned Magento developers who have completed a large number of projects successfully.
  • Extensive audit experience Our extensive audit experience for Magento websites gives us a winning advantage and makes us a trusted partner.
  • Custom approach We follow a custom approach to create an audit structure that aligns with business-specific workflows and features.
  • Diverse clientage Diversity is our strength as we have catered to clients from around the globe and across various verticals.
  • Flexible Hiring We offer flexibility in hiring, with models that enable clients to hire developers on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis.
  • Agile delivery Our agility is the key differentiator as we focus on completing projects on time, yet adhering to the highest quality standards.
  • Transparency and communication We are constantly available for communication so that clients can convey their requirements and feedback to us.

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