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  • A seasoned team of Magento developers and e-commerce
  • Extensive experience and impressive track record in the domain
  • The agile methodology that is focused on quality and timely delivery
  • Reliable, round-the-clock professional Magento on-going support for websites
  • Competitively priced services that deliver true value for the clients
Magento 2 development

Magento 2 Module Development, Upgrade and Migration Services at your Doorstep

The advent of Magento 2.0 has revolutionized e-commerce with the amazing range of features and improvements that it brings. From offering merchants complete control over the look and functionality of their online stores to facilitating the most amazing experiences like Magento mCommerce for the shoppers, there is a lot that this innovative version can do for e-commerce businesses. More and more businesses are eager to move on to the version, either by having their new online store developed on it or by opting for migration for an existing one.

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Magento 2 Development Services

We facilitate a seamless Magento 2 journey by either helping you to start from scratch, helping you in PSD to Magento conversion or migrating the existing store to the new version

Magento 2 Development Start a new website from the scratch with Magento 2 and avail all the amazing features that the new version has to offer
Magento 2 Upgrade Upgrade a store running on any Magento 1.x version to Magento 2 to give your e-commerce business a fresh start
Magento 2 Migration Migrate an e-commerce store running on any other platform or version to Magento 2 to redefine the shopping experiences for your customers
Implementations and Integrations Integrate Magento 2 with other applications, systems, or third-party services while ensuring seamless performance for your online store
Custom Magento Design Get a custom Magento 2 store design to match the specific needs of your business and expectations of your customers
Maintenance and Support Avail reliable maintenance and support from Magento experts to ensure that your Magento 2 store performs seamlessly

Why opt for Magento 2 Development or Migration

Beyond the tremendous improvements that Magento 2 module development brings, the fast-approaching End of Life deadline of June 2020 for Magento 1.x makes it essential for businesses to move on to the new version. The benefits of opting for the transition extend to the merchants and users as well.

Magento 2 Features That Enhance The Storeowner's Experience

Enterprise-grade scalability and performance

Magento 2 offers enhanced speed and scalability for the online store. It renders an incredible increase in the page loading speed and also makes the store of handling high traffic loads during peak events. With such speed and scalability, the advanced version offers an enhanced customer experience for improving conversions.

Addition of bulk images

Magento 2 development or migration enables the addition of bulk images on the e-commerce store. The seller or the admin may upload bulk products on the store with CSV easily. Moreover, the product images are simple, configurable and downloadable too. They can be imported and the import process is lightning fast.

Personalization with customer segmentation

The version facilitates the creation of personalized shopping experiences on the basis of customer segmentation according to parameters such as location, gender, order history, wish list items, and more. As a storeowner, you can target visitors and deliver them personalized experiences to accelerate the conversions on your store.

Integrated product videos

With Magento 2 development services, merchants can integrate product videos on the web store, so that the buyers may have a better look at them. With this, the store delivers a better user experience as shoppers can use the videos to make an informed decision while buying the products. These videos also have a positive impact on conversions.

Responsive design themes

The new version comes with responsive design themes that can be leveraged to create amazing looking stores which are optimized for just any device. It has introduced a new default theme which has tiles structure, typography, responsive images and better performance for rendering an eye-catching layout for the users.


Empowered with the innovative Elasticsearch technology, Magento 2 can handle voluminous catalogs and scale the search capacity to match the growing traffic and increasing queries of the visitors. It also enhances the relevance and conversions by offering suggestions for synonym management and customer misspellings.

Customized admin panel

By opting for Magento 2 module development, the merchant gets access to a customized Admin Panel capable of serving multiple users or single users. It offers a dashboard view of data related to orders, sales, search terms, and best-selling products. The admin users may create and edit the products without facing any conflict in the data.

Flexible deployment options

The new version offers a range of flexible deployment options to choose from depending on the requirements and goals of the business. These include on- premises, cloud, and third party hosting. It is possible to deploy scalable, secure, and fully customizable stores on an infrastructure optimized for high performance.

Touch-friendly admin panel

In addition to being intuitive, the admin panel of the Magento 2 is visually appealing and touch-friendly. This helps the store admin to manage it easily, quickly and efficiently. The enhanced navigation improves the search functionality as well as enables you to speed up the daily order/product management tasks.

Quick marketing

As Magento 2 development or migration simplifies the store management and also offers a compelling shopping cart experience, it opens up the opportunity to gain higher conversions for the business. It also lowers the rate of abandonment of the shopping carts, helping the business to improve its reputation and build its brand presence.

Database improvement

Magento 2 allows the scaling of database tier with the usage of separate master databases for diverse functions including product data management, order management and checkout management. The management of these core functional areas is simplified and the checkout process becomes easier as well by moving to the new version.

Exceptional flexibility

The new release brings together an unmatched combination of advanced code coupling that facilitates CRM, CMS, checkout, sales, and so forth. Further, it gives you the flexibility to disable or enable the components and at the same time, keep a clean code-base. This renders exceptional flexibility in Magento 2 development .

Varnish 4 support

Magento 2 is integrated with Varnish Cache, the advanced HTTP accelerator technology, which helps in curbing the server load and thus increases the page load speed to a significant extent. The store’s performance gets enhanced manifold as it becomes capable of serving content at a dramatically faster pace as compared to before.

Hassle-free installation

The built-in Composer implementation within the Magento 2 platform makes the installation process hassle-free and faster than it was with the previous version. This means that making a transition to the upgraded version of the platform is simpler than ever and so is developing a Magento 2 e-commerce store from the scratch.

Full page caching

The new platform version is tailor-made for both the Enterprise as well as Community editions of Magento. With the feature of full-page caching, it optimizes the response time and reduces the server load as well. As a result, the waiting time for the visitors is cut down to less than 0.3 seconds instead of 3-5 seconds.

Easy customization

Magento 2 has an advanced Visual Design Editor, which brings a drag and drop feature for editing the Magento layout. Hence, the storeowner is able to make changes in the admin panel quickly and easily, which facilitates amazing customizibility in the platform and renders exceptional user experiences with minimal effort.

Dynamic rule-based product relations

The advanced version allows you to set automated rules for determining the products to appear on the store as related, up-selling, and cross-selling products to each customer segment. These rules can be easily administered using a tool that allows you to target product suggestions for boosting the sales and average order values.

HHVM 3.6 compatibility

Another amazing feature of this version of the platform is that it is compatible with Hip Hop Virtual Machine. The HHVM 3.6 compatibility enables PHP compilation on the fly, which is another way in which Magento 2 is empowered to increase the page speed and make the e-commerce site capable of delivering high-end performance.

Reduced Cost

The development and upgrade to Magento 2 version is simple to the core, which reduces the cost and complexity of maintaining the store in the future as well. Beyond just fortifying the store, the amazing features will also future-proof the business for the merchants, with the unmatched scope and flexibility of Magento 2.

Magento 2 Features That Enhance The Customer's Experience

One-click account creation

Shopping becomes a lot easier and enjoyable with Magento mCommerce as it offers one-click account creation from the order success page which saves a lot of time for the shoppers. This feature enhances the conversion rate as well as wins more customers for the store as they are more comfortable with the fast and hassle-free shopping experience.

Gems Search

Quicker checkout

The checkout process has been streamlined with Magento 2 as it eliminates the need for selecting either the registered or the guest checkout step, saving the precious time of the user. The data to be entered has been reduced to the minimum while the customer also has access to an order summary along with product images at checkout.

Secure payments

Hire 2 Magento developers that prioritize enhanced security for the shoppers by integrating the site with multiple and secured payment gateways such as, Braintree, and PayPal payment gateways. Additionally, it has the ability to pass the credit card information from the client browser to the payment gateway directly, which makes it even more secure.

Responsive Store
Integration with third party services

Advanced searches

The new platform facilitates advanced searches for the customers, with enhanced features such as filtered search and faceted search, etc. Browsing and searching on such online stores becomes much easier and more interactive for the visitors. At the same time, they experience a significant improvement in the navigation process as well.

Enhanced look and feel

The Magento 2 version comes with a new default theme along with Magento’s ongoing support as well as an option for customization of the layout. With these features, it is possible to enhance the entire look and the feel of the e-commerce website to make it much more appealing and easy to use for prospective customers who visit it with the intention to shop.

Special features
3D Jewelry Viewer

Automated shipping option

Another benefit that Magento 2 serves for the customers is automated shipping and options of the city on the basis of the zip code. This enables them to save time and eliminate the chance of entering incorrect data. All these features make the shopping experience much easier and enjoyable for the users.

Why Choose Us As Your Magento 2 Development Company

Explore The Benefits Of Choosing Us As Your Magento 2 Partner

  • We carry extensive expertise and rich experience in Magento 2 module development and migration
  • Our team comprises seasoned Magento developers and e-commerce professionals who have worked on diverse projects
  • We boast an impressive track record with a large number of successful Magento 2 solutions developed till date
  • Our expertise extends to multiple domains as we have catered to cross-industrial clientage and businesses of all sizes
  • We follow an agile development methodology, adhering to deadlines and always delivering on time
  • We are an organization with a client-centric approach as we bring solutions to match their requirements and expectations
  • We ensure complete confidentiality for the project as we are committed to keeping their data and information secure
  • Our services encompass dependable support as we are always available to resolve all Magento 2 issues for our clients
  • We focus on building solutions which are cost-effective yet always add value to the client's business

Frequently Asked Questions

  • whatamount Would you be able to elaborate on your Magento 2 counseling?
  • As a confidant in Magento 2 development services, we direct eCommerce business specialized studios for our customers to acquire a nitty-gritty comprehension of their necessities, business trouble spots, and afterward characterize an answer guide.

    As a feature of specialized counseling organization, we help in Platform Selection, Architecture Analysis, Scope Definition, Solution Roadmap, Functional Processes, and so forth
  • whatamount What sort of organizations do you work with?
  • At MagentoIndia, we work with an assortment of organizations that require a plan and create projects on Magento for new businesses, huge enterprises, non-profits, B2B, B2C and that's just the beginning. Our customers are from various business enterprises like innovation, food, clothing, wellbeing and magnificence, camps, travel, finance, expressions, fairtrade, and significantly more.
  • whatamount Will I have the last say in the undertaking's plan design and different things?
  • Yes, you will. Our group will continually coordinate with you in regards to the plan interaction. Each progression will go ahead with your endorsement and we will likewise recommend thoughts of our own.
  • whatamount For what reason do I have to upgrade to Magento 2?
  • It's a decent practice to stay up with the latest to convey consistent client encounters and further develop security. Moving up to Magento 2 will diminish your page load time by 30 – half. It can likewise deal with 39% more orders each hour when contrasted with Magento 1, making it a powerful eCommerce stage. You can collaborate with more clients and work on the checkout interaction.

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