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Timely procurement of products from the supplier is a key parameter of the seller's success. The big questions are what to buy, how much to buy and when to buy. The right purchase and replenishment decisions increase business efficiency and customer loyalty. An efficient purchase and replenishment management solution can automate the entire process and open new opportunities for the enterprise.

Your Challenges

A business needs the right level of inventory to fulfill the demands. A lag in time to market has a baneful impact on the sale as well as the reputation of the business. For this reason, the seller needs to ensure that he purchases goods and replenishes the inventory in time. However, the entire process is ridden by a number of challenges that need to be resolved:

  • Lack of support from the suppliers' end
  • Absence of automation in stock receiving process
  • Verbal (and not written) communication to convey order information

Automation of the process is the best solution to these challenges. As a seller, you need to look for a reliable purchase management software to handle the entire task to perfection.

Your Challenges

Our Solution

At Magento, we create high-quality, scalable, flexible solutions to automate the procurement and replenishment process for your business. Our solution not only enables you to streamline the purchasing workflow but also helps you to improve your relations with vendors. Here is how an effective purchase management solution eases up the procurement process for you:

Our Solution
  • Managing an unlimited number of suppliers
  • Creating online purchase orders
  • Customizing payment terms and methods
  • Evaluating sellers' KPIs to monitor their success rates and manage compliance
  • Identifying the high-performing suppliers and working out strategies to engage the low-performing ones
  • Printing and emailing purchase orders
  • Barcode scanning for mass updates while receiving products

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