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Enhance the life cycle of your online store and keep it updated with the latest version by hiring professional Magento upgrade services provider.

Magento India offers effective Magento Upgrade services at competitive rates. The competent team keeps clients’ store upgraded, secure and bug-free to ensure better buyer experience and more business. The team regularly checks the website for any kind of issues and fixes them immediately to avoid any problems in future affecting the performance of the online store.

Upgrade Magento

Our Magento Upgrade Solution Bucket list

At Magento India, we help you enhance your eCommerce website to boost user engagement and enhance conversion. Check out our solution bucket list.

Upgrading Magento to the Latest Version

Upgrading Magento to the Latest Version

Our Magento upgrade services will provide assistance in transitioning your business to Magento 2, the latest version. This process includes data transfer, database modifications, and code modifications to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Magento Performance Optimization

Magento Performance Optimization

With our proficiency in server configuration, database optimization, caching, and indexing, we are equipped to boost the performance of your Magento store. Utilizing our Magento upgrade services can lead to quicker page loading times and quicker server response times.

Custom Magento Theme Development

Custom Magento Theme Development

Our Magento upgrade expertise involves creating customized themes, redesigning layouts, and incorporating external plugins to create a hassle-free switch to an enhanced, visually appealing interface for the user.

Magento Extension Upgrades

Magento Extension Upgrades

Our team of experts specializes in upgrading your Magento extensions to their latest versions, ensuring compatibility with Magento 2. With our Magento upgrade services, you can expect added features and enhanced functionality from your extensions.

Magento Security Patches

Magento Security Patches

With our Magento upgrade services, we help maintain the security of your store by installing the newest security patches and updates, which keep malware away from your data and safeguard your protection.

Magento Store Migration

 Magento Store Migration

 Looking to move your Magento store to a new domain or server? We can help. Our Magento upgrade service will take care of everything for you - from data migration to configuration changes - to ensure a smooth transition.

Our Magento Upgrade Process

We Make Sure That Your Magento Store Is Upgraded With Minimum Risk Of Data Loss And Zero Downtime

Replicate The Original Store

Replicate The Original Store

We start by setting up a replica of the original store. This is done to minimize the risks associated with the errors committed during the updating process.

Update The Replica Store

Update The Replica Store

The development team updates the replica site according to the client’s requirements and addresses the problems encountered during the process.

Test The Replica Store

Test The Replica Store

The QA team tests the replica Magento store for functionality and then gets it verified from the client to get the final approval from them.

Set Up The Upgraded Store

Set Up The Upgraded Store

Once we get the confirmation from the client, the original store is upgraded and made live within the specific period of time.

Magento Upgrade Roadmap – Elements of Data Migration


  • SKU, Name, Description, Quantity, Model, Weight URL Key, Stock Status
  • Assign to Product Categories
  • Options (Size, Color, Weight)
  • Variants, with related variants grouped together to form a product
  • Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords
  • Base Image, Additional Images
  • Base Price, Special Price
  • Currencies
  • Extra Fields ( Checkboxes, Radio buttons, Dropdown list)

    Product Categories

  • Name, Description, URL Key, Base Image, Additional Images


  • Order products, ID, Product price, Discount price, Quantity, Date, Status


  • Username, ID, First Name, Last Name, Address, Email
  • Customer Groups
  • Customer Password

    Custom Fields

  • Custom fields of Products, Categories, Orders, and Customers


  • Tax rules, Tax rates, tax classes


  • Customers Name, Review, Rating, Status

    SEO URLs

  • Products and Categories SEO URLs
  • 301 SEO URLs of products and categories

IndustriesWe Cater To

Our Magento developers are specialized in a diverse range of industry verticals serving startups, small-medium, and enterprise-level businesses.

Why Choose Magento India for Magento Upgrade Services

  • frame We make sure that your store data is migrated with zero downtime for the current Magento store
  • frame We make upgrade risk-free in terms of data loss, as we preserve Product Ids, Order IDs, and Customer Ids
  • frame We give you the choice of deciding the data type (products, orders, customers, etc) to be migrated
  • frame We run the migration process uninterruptedly, on online and offline development environment
  • frame We ensure secure data transfer to the upgraded store as it goes from Magento to Magento, with no third party involved
  • frame We allow the creation of product variants on the basis of the available combinations of attribute values
  • frame We give you the option of deleting the current data from the existing store before the upgrade
  • frame We also enable you to update the upgraded store with new data that comes in during the upgrade process
  • frame We ensure fail-safe migration to safeguard the online store if migration halts accidentally due to network down, server shutdown, or any other cause
  • frame We focus on blending quality with cost-effectiveness as we make sure that the solution fits your budget
  • frame We are a deadline-oriented service provider that believes in delivering every project on time
  • frame We extend reliable, round-the-clock support to ensure that the upgrade process is carried out smoothly and seamlessly

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We make sure that your magento store is upgraded with minimum risk of data loss and zero downtime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In comparison to Magento 1, Magento 2 is highly customizable, SEO-Friendly, Mobile Responsive & secure. With features to help PWA to build native mobile app-like experience for a website.

At Magento India, we make sure your website is covered with best hosting service and team of experienced developers are monitoring site performance 24/7.

The cost of Magento upgrade is analyzed by going through different factors like database, extensions, custom features, multi-lingual, multi-store, and ERP/CRM integrations. So, it is not possible to decide the upgrade cost without looking at the store in detail.

Once client avail of Magento upgrade service, we’ll keep you in the loop to continuously update you via Skype or other communication tools after each milestone. This will assist us to get your feedback during the upgrade so changes can be done.