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As the e-commerce boom is becoming all-pervasive, the competition in the domain is growing at an unprecedented pace. Sellers are struggling for survival in this dynamic scenario, where the customer has innumerable options to shop. The secret to success lies in catering the most amazing shopping experiences, in addition to catching the pulse of the customers. Here, it becomes extremely crucial to have the right platform for creating a high-performance e-commerce store. Magento, with its rich features, serves as the ideal choice for e-commerce store development. Such online stores can be enriched with functionalities that make them capable of delivering unmatched user experiences.

Now comes the question of reading the minds of the prospective customers so that you can give exactly what they are looking for. The tactic followed by smart sellers is to analyze and understand their online shopping behavior and align their selling strategies accordingly. Here are a few key metrics that can give an insight into consumer behavior so that you can use it to boost the sales for your Magento e-commerce store:

1.What is the average time they are spending online every day?
To begin with, you must try to find the average time the shopper is spending online every day. For instance, the tech-savvy millennials are most likely to be online for the maximum time span, which makes them the most desirable targeted group for your Magento marketing strategy.

2.What are the preferred devices for online shopping?
Next, you have to understand the preference of the online shoppers in terms of the devices they use. If the inclination is more towards Pcs and laptops, then a Magento store would make the best investment. On the other hand, a Magento mobile application would be ideal if the shoppers are more keen to shop via mobile devices.

3.What are the preferred modes of payment?
Another metric that throws light on the online consumer behavior is the preferred mode of payment. Today, shoppers are more willing to use channels such as credit cards, online banking, COD, and prepaid gift cards. You have to keep the preferred modes in mind while integrating payment modules into your online store.

4.What are the other factors that influence their purchase decisions?
Besides these basic factors, there are several other parameters that influence the purchase decisions of the online shoppers. The most important amongst these relates to the reputation of your brand and customer reviews and recommendations play a key role in enhancing the trust factor. Most people tend to look for user reviews before taking the final decision and positive reviews on your store can just do the trick. Similarly, they also go through information such as shipping options and return and refund policy to be sure.

The customer behavior can be analyzed using Magento analytics solutions which enable the store owner to consolidate multiple data sources and collate useful insights that can help them take the right business decisions. Magento India , we not only cater expertise in store development but also offer the right Magento extensions to add the desired functionalities in the online store. We can help you integrate the analytics extension in your business store so that you can gather reliable data related to the online consumer behavior.

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