Top Features Of Magento B2B Business To Grow and Succeed

Magento B2B Business

The eCommerce sector is expanding exponentially to an optimum extent and both B2C and B2B plays are experiencing the required success. Thanks to the emergence of rising and result-oriented technologies that allow businesses to embrace digitization with further acceleration. Concerning the same, for B2B businesses, Adobe Magento 2 is a profitable platform to extensively sell products, manage products, and perform manifold functions seamlessly.

Certainly, Magento has already powered several eCommerce websites belonging to small, medium, and large companies. Magento B2B business is a compelling solution for enterprises dealing in selling or buying products for the enterprise itself.

So, if you want to get started with Magento 2 development for you B2B business and be ready to sell a wide range of products to wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, and more. In that case, it is imperative to know the crucial features of the Adobe Magento 2 platform.

What makes Adobe Magento 2 best for eCommerce businesses?

When speaking of creating and managing a B2B eCommerce business, it requires strategic planning and comprehensive research to choose a platform. It is due to the fact that B2B transactions are crucial and required a feature-rich platform to ensure a seamless operational experience. It is further important to note the fact that a B2B platform must be having uncompromised functionalities, optimum security, flexible add-ons, and other required features.

Concerning the same, consider the Magento B2B business platform to create a fully functional, well-integrated, and secure platform. And to satisfy such claims, here’s the list of top Adobe Magento 2 features.

Seamless account management

Seamless account management

For managing a B2B platform, account management is one of the complex tasks that one has to take care of. Hire a dedicated Magento developer and create Company Accounts. It enables your organization to create one major account management account along with sub-accounts for multiple stakeholders within the organization. Such multiple accounts on the platform help your B2B eCommerce business to manage accounts effectively and seamlessly.

Workflow of account management

  • Create a new company account on Adobe Magento 2 platform.
  • Fill in the required company details.
  • Activate the account after following the verification process.
  • Start creating sub-accounts for multiple business stakeholders.

Key benefits of B2B account management

  • Customize product pricing rules along with marketing campaigns.
  • Grant payment to a specific set of groups and entities.
  • Speed up the B2B business order processing methods.
  • Assign specific roles to respective stakeholders.
  • Track your financial data seamlessly.

Easy catalog management 

Easy catalog management 

Another significant feature of the Adobe Magento 2 platform is the way to manage catalogs at your end. Once you are done with the easy Company Accounts creation process, mentioned in the first feature, allow the Catalog Permission. These particular features enable your business to permit particular product categories and allow specific permission rules.

Easy to follow steps to enable catalog permission in Adobe Magento 2 platform.

  • Go to the Store
  • Click on the Setting option
  • Click on Configuration
  • Find the Catalog Permissions section
  • Enable the section as Yes

Robust platform security 

Robust platform security 

Security is certainly of optimum concern for every single eCommerce business due to the manifold financial transactions involved in the process. Specifically in the B2B business scenario, high-scale transactional flow is involved due to the bulk buying of products. It is imperative to keep in mind that the selected B2B eCommerce solution must be having the status of PCI compliance to authorize and secure the product checkout process.

For your business benefit, Adobe Magento 2 is fully PCI-Compliant in nature, and that too as a Level 1 Solution Provider. It implies all the financial transactions being made on the platform and recorded are completely secure in nature and provide you with the optimum level of benefits.

Apart from the PCI-compliance, there are additional security measures to expect from Adobe Magento 2 platform that will protect the following few functionalities.

  • Payment gateway
  • Consumer browsing experience
  • Encryption
  • Web app firewall
  • Logging
  • Backups

And the list goes on.

High-end performance 

High-end performance 

Keeping your business customer experience as the top priority will certainly benefit your enterprise to earn more. Especially, for B2B businesses, it is imperative to focus more on the lasting customer experience rather than adding new ones every now and then. Retention rate has a lot of importance in the B2B eCommerce business. And to ensure the same, it is relevant to have a high-performing eCommerce platform that must feature fast loading speed, a user-friendly interface, and more.

Speaking in the context of the Adobe Magento 2 platform, it offers you a fast page loading speed to maintain an optimum level of user experience. It provides you fast response time along with customers to shop for a bulk range of products extensively and easily.

Benefits of fast loading speed on Adobe Magento 2 platform

  • Maximize user behavior to an optimum extent.
  • Optimize the overall render rate.
  • Improve the response time to ensure a fast product checkout process.

Fast order requisition list 

Fast order requisition list 

Another significant feature of the Adobe Magento 2 platform is the price hide functionality along with the flexibility to quote prices as per the customer. The platform offers you the beneficial Hide price feature. It is beneficial in terms of hiring the product prices being offered to B2B customers and simply providing quotes that might be different from person to person.

The price hide function allows your business to deal with specific customers in a particular way and let them negotiate at the price front. Moreover, by hiding prices, customers will better engage with your business by asking direct queries, trying to contact you, sending a request, and doing more.

Workflow in Adobe Magento 2 

Now, that you have become finally aware of the beneficial Adobe Magento 2 features to enable on your eCommerce platform. The next imperative information you should know is the workflow.

  • Register your business first on the platform by providing relevant details.
  • After registration, wait for approval from the administrator’s side.
  • Browse a wide range of products available on the platform.
  • Negotiate at the price front.
  • After negotiation, business customers can easily place orders online.
  • Process secure payment.
  • Reorder by following the same set of processes.

Concluding Thoughts 

In a nutshell, Adobe Magento 2 is a feature-rich, user-friendly, and secure platform to get started with a B2B eCommerce business. The platform operates smoothly and provides a wide spectrum of features and functionalities to easily manage your business online. Therefore, get started with Magento 2 development services with the help of experts available at Magento India.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is Adode Magento 2 for B2B Business?

Yes, the platform is specifically designed to design and get started with a profitable B2B business and meet the widespread requirements of enterprise-level customers.

  1. How to enable the functionalities of Adobe Magento 2?

To enable the platform, you can get professional assistance from a trusted Magento development company to get started with the necessary development.

  1. How much does Magento B2B cost?

Well, the cost depends on the selected range of functionalities, integrations, and the required add-ons as per your business-specific requirements. To know the price, you can discuss it with Magento 2 development experts before getting started.


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